Friday, June 24, 2011

Michael's film schedule changes

Although it was only in the discussion stage, it appears that Michael has bowed out of further talks with Danny Boyle to star in 'Trance'. The lead role will go to James McAvoy, and as I am fond of Boyle's work, I will still go see this film when it is released - the plot definitely intrigues me. It's too bad that Michael can't do it, but I'm sure he has his good reasons:  He's busy! LOL! And that's a great excuse! Who knows, surely he'll get another opportunity to work with the Academy Award winning director one day.

Not much else to report other than some admin stuff. I cleaned up the sidebar, especially the tag listing. Instead of showing all 241 blog article labels, I'm just showing the top 11 for the time being. Also, in lieu of Fassinating Fassbender receiving record visits to the blog since First Class debuted, I have received a few advertising offers. I ignored the first few, but the latest opportunity has caught my attention and I will learn more about it and take it under serious consideration. I have prided myself in having FF be advertising free since it was created in September '08. I hate going to blogs and websites that are so overrun with advertising that the ads are all that I see - thus, overwhelming the damn message of the actual blog I wanted to read. Webmasters become ad greedy, and like tattoos or potato chips, they can't just have one, they have a dozen or more ads on their website and it just becomes a cesspool of crap advertising - most of it not even related to the topic at hand.

So, if what I learn from my preliminary discussions with the ad company does not mesh well with Fassinating Fassbender and its readership, I won't do it. I could use the financial earnings, especially since I'm going back for my Master's degree in the Fall, but I do have principles. And most importantly, if I do take on an ad, it will be small. Just out of respect for my readers, I wanted to give you a heads up in the event I do agree to take on advertising. Stay tuned... and thanks in advance for understanding.


Ceren said...

Ohh that's too bad :(

Courtney said...

I have read a couple of articles claiming that while Fassbender is indeed out of discussions for Trance, McAvoy isn't "replacing" him. Apparently, Fassbender was in talks for a different role than the one McAvoy accepted. Here's one of the links: