Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Fassy Plans

Cheers Michael. Well done lad!

The Fassy feeding frenzy is calming down a bit from the past two weeks of non-stop X-Men promotions. It was really fun seeing a tidal wave of new and well deserved interest in Michael Fassbender, here, and elsewhere on the internet. And with X-Men: First Class coming in 2nd at the box office this weekend, and approaching the $100 million mark, I'm sure the next two films are being discussed about with Michael and James! I for one already cannot wait for future films featuring these two as Charles and Erik.

I am going to see X-Men for a second viewing sometime next weekend, and I will also go see 'The Tree of Life', as it won the Palme d'Or a few weeks ago at Cannes. And speaking of Cannes, I am getting my chess pieces into place as I prepare for the Toronto film festival. This will be my 8th year in a row, and I feel like a pro in some aspects, and a novice in others. This coming festival is going to be a big deal for me if my plans come about, so stay tuned when I have something definitive to announce about TIFF. And by the way, if you are planning on going to TIFF, let me know as I would love to meet any FF readers who'll be attending.

So what's next on Michael's release schedule and what we'll be learning more about is 'A Dangerous Method', 'Shame', 'Haywire', and 'Prometheus'. I haven't heard anything new about 'Method'. But I did read an article from someone who read the 'Shame' script and it's more hardcore, straight-up-out-of-control sexual addiction stuff than previously thought. But no word on if Michael is required to show more skin than we've already seen of him. Frankly, I would feel ripped off if he's in shadows, or covered in some way because based on what I read, his character is addicted to sex in such a spontaneous, irresponsible manner, that there's no way that this story can be visually credible if he ain't full blown naked. Hey, I'm not the director, or the screenwriter, or the producer, but if I'm going to have Michael Fassbender in a sex addiction film, for the realism of the filming making, Michael should be naked in a realistic manner.

My question about 'Shame' is: Does the story have the guts to showcase the male body in the way this film would demand of it? Is this question too bold or rude?

From the 'Fuck Yeah! Michael Fassbender' tumblr.

Although I have set up the tumblr account, I'm far from being very comfortable with it. If you are a tumblr wizard and can assist me in straightening out some things for me regarding formatting at the FF tumblr, I would love to hear from you. In an email with MLM (a FF reader I will have the pleasure of meeting in LA next month) she gave me some suggestions about what to do and what not to do with tumblr. I know what not to do, but it's the what-to-dos that I don't know a damn thing about. So if anyone is down for a session of Tumblr 101, puhlease, drop me an email. Thanks in advance.

On a final and personal note, I have been accepted into the Master's degree program in Communication and Media Relations at Eastern Michigan University. I will start this fall and I hope to kick it out in 2 years. Writing for Fassinating Fassbender has awakened an interest in writing & communications that I have had for so long, but only in the past few years have I had the time, and the motivational interest to commit to on a regular basis and develop into something I want to do professionally. So for advance notice, if I go days or a week without updating, I'll be studying big time, and that's where Chele Belle will pick up the slack. :-)

A big thank you to Lisa, Patty, and Ariane for signing the Guestbook with such lovely messages! xoxo


neepsters said...

Hi! I absolutely adore this blog! I actually live in Toronto, very close to Yorkville! So I would love to join you during TIFF :)

Simone said...

Hi Neepsters! Please email me so we can discuss rendezvous plans for a film and or drinks/lunch.

and of course Fassy talk.

Thanks! :)

neepsters said...

That sounds great! Where can I find your email? :)