Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wait a little while longer for Haywire

It has been announced this afternoon that Steven Soderbergh's long awaited (at least in the Fassy Fandom) 'Haywire' won't be released until January 2012! I had to look at my calendar to remind myself what year this is. This kinda sucks. It was filmed in early 2010, but will be released almost 2 years later. However, if I lay off on the pessimism, this could make it be a festival candidate in September at TIFF where I hope Michael will be there to promote TWO of his films already.

After seeing those awesome high art one sheets of Haywire a few weeks ago, it was mentioned that it could possibly be released in late August. Oh well... I can appreciate the spreading out of Michael's work, but, that one has been in the 'to be released' pipeline long enough.

Over at tumblr, I managed to add music to the tumblr page and it is a fantastic song  from the 80's I'm soooo dating myself but fuck it band The Cure called, 'Fascination Street'. The 'fascination' word goes very well with the FF theme, but mostly importantly, I LOVE the first two solid minutes of the song as it is goth sync rock that is out of this world kick ass! I set the music so that you would make the choice to click it on and play it, I hate that auto-play stuff, even if I like the tune being used. And for the time being, I have the tumblr set to 'infinite scroll' so you don't have to click to go to other pages and thereby allowing that goth sync rock that is out of this world kick ass music play for a steady five minutes, uninterrupted. Looking at the images and reading the quotes with that bass playing in the background is perfect. So I hope you enjoy it. Basically anyone who loves good music and is, ahem, over the age of 30, would really dig it. So if you like it, let me know, and if you hate it, let me know too. I'll keep it up for while, but when I do change it, it'll be something from the 80's-90's, so, deal with it because I'm Generation X and proud!

I already mentioned that I'm going to see X-Men for a second time this weekend. I've been reading on LJ and tumblr that some folk have seen it have a dozen or more times. Nah... nope, I have no interest in doing that, cripe, that's what DVDs and Blu-rays are for, crazy repeat viewings. Twice at the theater is enough for me. And speaking of twice, I may go see Jane Eyre for the second time as it is still playing at my local theater downtown, and if I go, it will increase my chances to pimp to the theater people to gimme the Jane Eyre poster when they are done with it. I want it to just collect, it's better to do that than have them toss it out. I really do love the UK movie poster, Michael's Mr. Rochester looks very haunting under that blue shade. No matter how hard he tried not to be, his Rochester was ridiculously sexy and handsome.

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MLM said...

My girlfriend in London can't wait until "Jane Eyre" is released in the UK theaters, even though she saw the film with me when she was LA this April. I have noticed that the UK trailer for "Jane Eyre" has a lot more of Michael in it than the U.S. Btw, the said girlfriend had emailed me last week that she saw James McAvoy and his wife coming out of a toy store in the "Crouch End" neighborhood of London. Lucky girl, but I'm waiting for a Fassy-sighting!