Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from Vacation!

Hi all! I'm back from my California vacation, still a little sore and tired from all the fantastic walking and hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains and trails. I met up with a FF reader and we had some great Fassbender discussions, food and drinks. And upon waking up this morning, my new pal emailed me this lovely new image of Michael from lothlorien's tumblr, which was posted days ago, but dammit, I was laying on the beach - internet free! Michael looks like he worked up a sweat at a ballet studio doesn't he? I hope there are more pictures from this photoshoot!

And it looks like Michael had a little fun late last week at an Armani event in London wearing pretty much the same clothes he wore at the Grand Prix the week before. So it doesn't look like I missed a lot. I just wanted to make this quick post to freshen up the blog and to get ready for a new week. BTW, go over to The Film Experience for a link fest celebrating the 25th anniversary of Alien!


Dionne said...

Welcome back Simone. And yes this is a great pic of Fassy.

Anonymous said...

welcome back!