Friday, July 1, 2011

Prometheus and FF going PRO

I have had the craziest busy week at work and I was able to get off early today (by half an hour) to prepare for a glorious 3-day weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July! So that's why I've been quiet, and you know what, I needed the fassy break. My exploratory honeymoon with tumblr is over and I had a mini-nightmare about the blog. But first things first... Prometheus. I just hate it when some lame sci-fi geek make up a fake ass synopsis about a movie and the Internet runs with it. Thankfully Fox killed it by releasing the real synopsis and it gives me a much better impression of what Prometheus will be about... almost.

 Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery. - from Flicks and Bits
 It's vague, but still quenches one's thirst a bit. You see, when I was a wee pre-tween in 1979, my parents went to see Alien and my aunt babysat me and my siblings. But I wanted to go so bad because I was raised on a steady TV diet of 'Lost in Space', 'Star Trek', and 'Space 1999' and just LOVED anything about space and monsters. But, the movie had an R-rating and I couldn't go with them. When I eventually saw it years later, it scared the hell out of me and I just thrived on that kind of cerebral, claustrophobic, unknown fear. It's almost like a drug feeling, that sort of very real but imagined fright that increases your heart rate and raises your blood pressure. And the film was so well acted by everyone that you felt scared for them and rooted for them to win. And felt so bummed out when the alien got them. But I digress, what I want to impress upon you is that I personally have a 32 year history with the Alien movies, so I have a vested entertainment interest in Prometheus and the evolution of how it all began - Pre-Alien. I know they say it's not a pre-quel, but, it is.

Space Jockey/Pilot from 'Alien'

In this image from 'Alien', it has left open the question, for over three decades, who is the 'Space Jockey' who flew the alien spaceship that landed on the dead planet that Ripley and her crew happened upon in Alien back in 1979? Apparently, Prometheus may answer that for us, and I'm ecstatic! Finally, after all these years, will we learn what happened to that ship, and what happened to the first humans who may have found it, or, caused it to crash? When I learned that Michael Fassbender was going to play the android David, an artificial person who precedes the devious Ash (well, he was designed to meet company financial and scientific objectives at the total expense of the human crew), I imagine his character to be more easily identifiable as an android, and so the idiosyncrasies of David will be interesting to note. In Alien, no one knew Ash was an android until they had to kill him, the crew was deceived by the company, perhaps secretly on a mission all the long to find that SOS signal that lured them to that ship wreckage. So, will the crew of Prometheus know David is an android, or just one of them? It's been reported that at CineEurope earlier this week, Michael joked about his Prometheus character by saying, "I play a butler". And The Hollywood Reporter noted, “Fassbender did hint his character, David, might be a version of the infamous corporate-designed android that plays a pivotal role in all Alien films

June 2012 cannot come soon enough as I have extremely high hopes for this film and Ridley Scott has never let me down, and of course Michael hasn't either. The high caliber roster of talent co-starring with Michael are: Noomi Rapace (the one and only Lisbeth Salander), Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Guy Pearce, Rafe Spall, Logan Marshall-Green, and just announced, the underrated marvelous Ben Foster. Due to my extreme fangirling over this particular film, I will write about it frequently - be warned.

I mentioned above that I had a mini-nightmare recently, and it was about the blog. I reckon I have come to a point where I need to evolve from a 'free' service of being under blogspot, and get my own domain for Fassinating Fassbender. So I took the gigantic splurge and paid the $10 to go more professional with this blog and within 48-72 hours, you will be directed to when you visit FF! Fuck yeah! You're probably rolling your eyes, but, this is cool, it's a nice big next step in really cutting out my own piece of the expanding pie of the Fassy fandom. I'm glad my nightmare put a fire under my butt and I had the extra $10. Once we go .com, Fassinating Fassbender will show up more prominently on search results and have a higher profile on said results. And the new web url would look more professional on business cards, just in time for TIFF.

I'll be laying low this weekend to enjoy the holiday, ya'll have a nice time too!


Chele Belle said...

Congrats on surviving another work week. Congrats on getting FF a new home and enjoy the weekend. Happy 4th of July to you and yours.

Simone said...

Thank you CB, you're a great team mate! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I knew the movie would be about terraforming planets, and that it would go on the premise that we were created by an alien race. I posted this theory on MFO once, and I got berated by a bunch of users who were sure the movie dealt with genetic engineering of the Alien creature.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad you qualified the Alien connection...for some reason I had this confused with a pre-quel to Blade Runner & thought it would be about what happened on that other planet that produced Rutger Hauer! wait, is that another movie?

Anyway, congrats on your update & I appreciate your thoughtfulness re: adverts as too many of them does seem to cheapen things...have a great 4th and great luck on your Masters program! b.

Simone said...

Anon@11:46 - I think you're closer to the plot than those who thought of genetic engineering of the creature. People have to keep in mind that the plot of Prometheus is WAY before Ripley and her crew. I believe that in Prometheus, they set the wheels in motion for the future infestation of those narly Xenomorphs, as the creatures are called, by encountering them and being snuffed out before things get worse.

Anon@12:42 - I'm just speculating based on what little I got out of what Fox released and just being a serious fan of the series for decades. Blade Runner, great movie, but totally different plot from another Ridley Scott film. ;)

A thanks for your kind words. The advert stuff is DOA so nothing's going to change any time soon. And hell will freeze over before FF is cheapened by ads. I appreciate the best wishes on my Master's program. xoxo

Anonymous said...

That's funny you being a tween in 1979 that was the year I was born, any how thanks for all the work and friendship you give to all of us. Have a wonderful 4th.

Simone said...

Thank you! I was born in 1966, so I'm very, very old.



MLM said...

Congratulations on the ".com" changeover. By the way, whether you're born in '66 or '79 or '48, Fassy will turn every woman's head when he walks into a pub.

holly said...

congratulations! i started with a friend, and it started out as blogspot as well..and i finally kicked myself in the butt and bought a domain for $10 as well, and wowww it still makes me so happy. and is SO much easier to spell out :)

Simone said...

It feels good going pro doesn't it? Congrats to you too!