Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sometimes you just have to stop and stare

I admit, I had a slight fangirl heart palpitation when I found this image at tumblr just now (via annamir). I regained my composure, and reblogged it. This portrait of Michael Fassbender is just breathtaking in it's simplicity. I've already fancied many of his black and white photos, but this one takes the cake, only second to the black leather pants image. Just the other day as I was talking to my friend Laurie, she is still undecided about going to TIFF with her husband, where the three of us would meet up like we did in 2009. She then asked me to remind her about what is it about Michael Fassbender that I devote so much time to writing about him. She reads the blog at least once a week and is subscribed to the mailing list - and I reckon the latest newsletter provoked her to ask me a few questions.

In all honesty, my first time seeing Michael was back in early 2007 when '300' came out at the theaters. I didn't know jack about him at all. I wanted to see '300' because it was about a bunch of half ass naked men in ancient times kicking ass, and it was showing on IMAX - even better. I confess! I watched it, completely mesmerized by all the action and thighs and six packs; and I noticed Fassy's crazy smile and jumping all around everywhere. But I wasn't sold on him immediately, I guess I was just so overwhelmed by everything about the movie that a week or so later, I saw it for a second time and that's when Michael dawned on me. I just liked his energy, he was really a standout for a complete unknown to me at the time. When I got home, I googled him, found just a little itty bitty bit of info on him, and the rest is history.

So to bridge together where I am today in my fassination with Michael, I thoroughly and completely enjoy watching him act, he is a brilliant performer who has yet to even show us what he's really capable of. We saw a lot of it with Hunger, and I believe we'll see the rest in 'Shame' and 'Method'. And it's just a mere added bonus that he's gorgeous, and he's as sweet, funny, and intelligent as he is talented and handsome. The image above is one that is so striking that it just gave me pause to reflect on why I'm such a big fan of Michael. It's not just the face, it's the entire human package that is Michael Fassbender, that is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Dear mother of god, that is a fine man. why does god to this to us?

miapatagonia said...

Another photograph that proves to me that Fassbender is the Garbo for the 21st-Century. The camera loves this face. The soulful eyes, Teutonic bone-structure, the plains of his face, and curve of the mouth -- PERFECTION. He has to do very little to express so much for the camera.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry if this is off topic but is Fassbender in Iceland now?
if so I really wish he leaves because it is a very dangerous place to be now!