Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Deleted X-Men Scene They Should Have Kept

By now you have seen the deleted scene from X-Men: First Class of Michael's Magneto undergoing a drastic change in appearance by Charles' mind control abilities (view the video at Upon first look at Michael Fassbender in drag, it's funny and he looks strange. But upon closer inspection, let's just say I have come to appreciate what that tiny dress allows us to see. You have to give it to Michael, he went the whole nine yards, even wearing fishnet stockings, Go Go boots, and blush.

If you're like me, you're probably wondering why was THIS scene deleted from the theatrical run? It's hilarious and it reveals a side of Charles as a jokester, and the camaraderie that he has with Erik, the soon to be big and bad Magneto. Oh well, whatever the reason, at least we can see it now. But what do you think, should this scene have been deleted? Vote in this poll.

Thank you Sutanuka Das for signing the guestbook, I'll pass on your message IF I get the chance to ask him! :-).


Ms.JAPrufrock said...

Michael's strong jawline makes him a not so pretty girl, LOL. The wig is hilarious!

Simone said...

I agree, he is TOO manly to pull off drag really well. But he looks funny doing it and it's all in fun. Michael does make a beautiful man, and we're all pleased with that.

Anonymous said...

I find him extremely attractive in drag.