Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fan pictures of Michael on 'A Dangerous Method' set

When people who happen upon Fassinating Fassbender, the FassFass twitter, or tumblr, take a moment to write to me to let me know how much they enjoy the articles and images, it makes me feel good and motivates me. One of my newest readers, Coco, is also a Viggo Mortensen fan, in fact, she posts regularly at the ViggoWorks website, where I visit once in a while. She informed me that she met Michael on the set of 'A Dangerous Method' last summer and was there to witness Michael and Viggo singing early in the morning before filming started. Coco has met Viggo many times and she said that Michael and Viggo got along great and that Michael is very friendly, funny, and sweet. Here are a few pictures she sent to me and gave me permission to post. As you can see, she was literally on set.

Thanks Coco!

It's been just over a month since the blog went 'all professional' with the .com thingy, and the blog has gained more search results credibility! We're now on the first page of Michael Fassbender Google search result! 'Bout fuckin' time, it was gross being on the third page previously! Third page!

Many warm thank yous to Monica and Jade Lee for signing the guest book! xoxo

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