Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the dark about TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival is just 20 days away, and so far about 85% of the film list has been released. I reviewed the current roster at the TIFF website and I highlighted a few dozen films that caught my interest. I surely will not be able to see all of them, I'll be lucky to see half of this list. But of course the films bolded are must sees, and the bolded red are 'I have to see them or someone will get hurt'. The caveat this year is a fine dance between being in communication with key persons up until the LASTlast minute for info which will allow me to drop EVERYTHING for a most special hopeful FF interview assignment.

And the other event I have my fingers crossed is that I have to be able to decide which evening to attend the Pearl Jam concert in Toronto. Not only do they have their documentary showing at TIFF, but they are playing Sunday and Monday night. Those are the heavy hitter gala nights. Barring a Michael Fassbender film, I will sacrifice one of those evenings happily so I can attend the concert. I haven't even been able to entertain the idea of buying fan club tickets, which went on sale way the hell back in May. So now, only behind the stage tickets remain and that's unacceptable. I'm going to have to bum a ticket off a fan club member - ONCE - I figure out what night I can go. Sigh. But I can't make any concert plans until I see the official film schedule, which will come out next Tuesday. So my TIFF itinerary is up in the air.

So in staying positive, I am moving forward and have set aside these films for consideration.

Albert Nobbs
The Artist
The Awakening
Carre blanc
Damsels in Distress
A Dangerous Method
Dark Girls
The Day
Deep Blue Sea
The Incident
Kill List
Killer Elite
 Martha Marcy May Marlene
Page Eight
Pearl Jam Twenty
The Skin I live in
Sleeping Beauty
Surviving Progress
Take Shelter
We need to talk about Kevin
Wuthering Heights

So as you see, it's a pretty diverse line up of films. Starting tomorrow, the next 4-5 days is going to be hell at work as I work 12-14 hour days on some crazy projects, and that's going to make TIFF even more sweeter when I attend. I won't be able to update FF or tumblr unless it's an emergency or breaking news.

Also, my DVD of Jane Eyre arrived today, so I'm about to make some tea, snack on a strawberry frosted pop tart, and watch it!

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Chele Belle said...

So wish I could go to a film festival. I'd be like a pig in slop. Along with the ones you bolded I'd also make a run for Anonymous starring Rhys Ifan, Sleeping Beauty starring Emily Browning and A Better Life starring Guilluame Canet. Either way enjoy yourself. Looking forward to your review of Shame and A Dangerous Mind. And now to follow your lead and go have a frosted cherry Pop-Tart.