Friday, August 12, 2011

Jane Eyre DVD on August 16th

How many times did you watch the Michael Fassbender version of Jane Eyre at the theaters? I know it is just being released in the UK, and I saw it just once. But I will be buying the DVD on Tuesday for sure! As I wind down my Friday Fassy Feature at tumblr of new images of Michael in town for the Sarajevo Film Festival, promoting Jane Eyre, I want to save these last few for the blog.

BTW, for those of you who are near a Borders store, as you are aware, they are sadly going out of business, so now is the time to buy some books at a great discount. The headquarters for Borders is here in Ann Arbor, MI and it's just an unfortunate thing that this book store is closing down. Whenever a book store close, that just sucks. However, they have announced additional discounting in their liquidation sale, and it's a good time to buy a Charlotte Brontë  novel as you may get it 40-50% off. I bought my own copy a few weeks ago, at 10% off, to go along with the DVD I'll get next week.

 Michael attended some sort of meeting with organizers of the film festival.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually reading the Jane Eyre now before I watch the movie. I really want to get the DVD Tuesday. Yeah, it does suck about Borders closing, saving up so I can go crazy with the sales. I LOVE this site btw, great job. *_~

Simone said...

That's cool you're reading the book right now before watching the movie. And Cary's depiction is a bit more abbreviated that other versions, so it will be interesting to see how you like the movie in comparison to the book.

BTW, I'm so stupid at times...I forgot to pimp to the readers that they can order in advance the Jane Eyre DVD via Amazon @ FF (I raised the amazon link up along the sidebar). I'm going to order my copy for $14.99, saving me a trip to Target and having it delivered right to my door. If you're in the States Anon, you may want to do the same thing.

Thank you for loving the blog! xoxo