Monday, August 1, 2011

Sneaky sneak peeks at Prometheus

When Ridley Scott shared the very first film footage of Prometheus to the crowd at Comic Con last week, he risked what would happen today: Someone taking images of the screen to reveal to the world, and here they are! I wrote a few weeks ago that I was going to shamelessly write about Prometheus any chance I get. I usually don't like to do spoiler stuff on films, but these images are grainy and you can only imagine what's going on in them. Because I'm a hard core Alien franchise fan, I will kindly offer my speculations as to what in the hell is occurring in these images.

 Charlize's character has been described to be not so nice. This image confirms that.
 The crew is in their deep space travel sleep in individual compartments.
 A perplexing scene, someone is ill, about to faint, or about to have something burst out of them.
 A flamethrower is an awesome way to kill those damn Xenomorphs.
 Edris looks very concerned about the ship's course.
 Crew members about to go out and investigate a possible SOS beacon from the derelict ship.
 She just took a shower and is startled by something, or someone.
 This woman is probably in the sick bay being analyzed.
 David may have cut himself and is looking at the white fluid coming out of him.
 Looking for something that doesn't want to be found?
 Michael could be scanning something, a retinal scanner, or downloading something.
Someone is being killed by the Alien creature.

Well, that's just what I get from looking at these images. Based on what very little we see here, from mere screen shots of a 2 minute video, I simply cannot wait to see this film.

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