Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TIFF Plans Firming Up! [Edited]

It was no surprise to me when my friend emailed me the updated TIFF movie stah guest list from The Toronto Star, and low and behold, Mr. Michael Fassbender was listed! Yeah! I knew in my gut he would attend, but, you never know until this actual list was revealed.

Along with the star list being released today, the actual film schedule came out and I reviewed it carefully for the days I will be there. Firstly, as per the schedule, I have to cancel any dream plans of attending my 18th Pearl Jam concert. I know, you're down in the dumps with me. And some of you are like, 'WTF? You've seen them 18 times, get a life!' Well, screw you, I have a life, that's ONLY 18 times over a course of 20 years. And plus, some of my dearest PJ fans put me to shame as I know one guy who has seen them nearly 200 times. So there! LOL! But anyway, I will go see their Pearl Jam Twenty film, and I will surely see the boys right there in the theater.

So you're probably wondering why on Earth I'm not going to see Pearl Jam. Well, it's because of the Fassbender Factor. As you will note in my schedule, Michael's films will play on Saturday and Sunday night, so I can't see PJ, it's as simple as that. The Fassy trumps everything during TIFF. And during the 7 days I'll be in Toronto, I'll see 16 movies. I'm sad that I can't see Melancholia, as it conflicts with Michael's 'Dangerous' film... hey, the more I think about it, he's fucking up a few things for me... hmmmmm. But oh well, I'm flexible.

Without further adieu, here is my schedule wish list (8/25/11 added 3 more films):

Thursday - Sept 8th

From the Sky Down
6:30 to 8pm
Into The Abyss


Friday - Sept 9th

*Wuthering Heights
Tiff Bell 2

Ides of March

Saturday - Sept 10th

The Artist
Tiff Bell 2

Pearl Jam 20
Princess of Wales
2 - 4pm

A Dangerous Method
(afterwards: Fassinating Fassbendering event)

Sunday - Sept 11th

Tiff Bell 1

Martha MMM
3 - 4:45pm

Princess of Wales

The Skin I Live In
Princess of Wales

Monday - Sept 11th

Albert Nobbs
Winter Garden



Carre Blanc

Tuesday - Sept 12th

Surviving Progress
Tiff Bell 4

The Deep Blue Sea
Isabel Bader
4:45 - 6:24pm

Isabel Bader

MY LAST DAY  Wednesday - Sept 13th

The Moth Diaries
Scotiabank 4
12:15 - 1:40

* I'm quite into Andrea Arnold so I'm looking forward to her version of Wuthering Heights

Final Edits


Dionne said...

OMG! Thanks for the update. I'm having Fassy withdrawal symptoms so this is definitely good news for me. I hope you get lucky and get to meet with Michael again, maybe even pictures! Good luck ;)

Nadya said...

Hi, Simone! First of all, it's a wonderful site where I've found lots of very interesting info about Mr. Fassbender. Cool and thanks a lot for your efforts to keep all the "concerned" (lol) up-to-dated.
I started to plan my trip to Venice this year as soon as I saw the program of the festival but unfortunately things didn't add up. Wish you all the best in Toronto (will keep my fingers crossed) and say "hello" to Michael from far-far snowy Russia (actually from its farthest eastern part). Will be happy to see him in our beautiful places if he once feels for a deep breath take of fresh sea air or for a good portion of skiing or just for inspiration (lol). Take care and thanks again.

Ashley said...

Aww. I would have picked Pearl Jam!! Anyway, I hope all goes well. I love your site!

Simone said...

Thanks Dionne, I hope so too. Just as soon as I find out, I'll let ya'll know. :D

Hello Nadya, I'm sorry your plans to the Venice Film Festival didn't work out, so I will work even harder to try to share my TIFF experience with you. Thank you!

Oh Ashley, believe me, I don't take my decision lightly. It pains me very much not to be able to see my most favorite band in the universe in Toronto. For cripes sake, they are playing two friggin nights, but I have to follow my blogging heart and cover the premieres of both Michael's films as he will be there, and at the least, at the SHAME premiere, there may be a Q&A afterwards, that I simply cannot miss. The only peace I have with my decision is knowing that a) I saw Eddie Vedder back in June, and b) I'll see Pearl Jam at the PJ20 screening at TIFF. Thanks for understanding and it's so cool to see another Jammer here at FF! xoxo

MLM said...

Gee, Simone, you'll be busy seeing 16 films. I can't wait to read your reviews of Michael's two films at TIFF, as well as get your impressions about the other films on your list, like "Wuthering Heights" by Andrea Arnold, who directed Michael in "Fish Tank". Her interpretation should be contemporary and edgier.

Simone said...

Hey MLM, I added 3 more films. I took another look at the schedule and overlooked 2 films. But the schedule may have to change as one film 'Deep Blue Sea' may be canceled as that screening is too close to the end of another film, and the theaters may be quite a distance from one another. But so far, the tally is 19.