Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fassinating Fassbender TIFF Exclusives

Here are some images I took from the 'Shame' premiere and Q&A this past Sunday at TIFF. I was seriously multi-tasking; I was taking pictures with one hand, and holding a video camera in the second  hand. So some images were blurry, not a good angle, and not good enough to share. I will upload the video as soon as I can. The picture of me with Michael is nice, especially him, bright blue eyes a-blazin'. I even tried to crop me out of it, but it looked too weird because the side of our faces were pressed together like Siamese twins.

So you see, I was close to the stage and it was pure luck with the outside photos. The video I captured is about 17 minutes, so watch out for that soon.

Oh, and here is my FF business card I gave to Michael. The actual card is much nicer, brighter, and crisp.


Dionne said...

You were close, Gosh I'd kill to be that close to him. Thanks Simone

Katie said...

Aah! You were close indeed! I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it. Can't wait for the 17 min long video of pure heaven.

Jordan said...

Wow Fassy. :)
Complete with the jaw of justice, cheeks of chivalry, nose of nobility, eyes of enthroning euphoric energy and the smile of successful sensual sexy sweetness.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

@Jordan, that was just about a perfect description of Fassy. Well said. lol that sounded like something I would read in a love/drama book.

Is the video all in the theater or out at the signings? Or both? I remember reading about your multitasking skills. lol

Oh, and what is Troika? Is that the name of Fassy's apartment/flat? or is it a business that handles fan mail for him?

Alexi said...

Found this, just pure genius. :) You should add it to the tumblr. :D