Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Final night in Toronto: "Steve Changed My Life"

This will be my last blog update from the fantastic city of Toronto, host of the wonderful Toronto Int'l Film Festival! Out of all the 8 years I have attended, this has been by far, the most fun and fulfilling! Here are some lovely images of Michael and Steve McQueen to wind down his appearance here, and in the local Toronto daily magazine '24 Hrs', I found a brief article about Michael and in that article was this cool quote.

It's my job to go to places that are uncomfortable to go to... so that an audience member can vicariously take that journey with me, and ask questions, of themselves. - Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen at TIFF '11 Press Conference, Sept 12th. Michael says about working with director McQueen - "Steve changed my life".

When asked about upcoming projects, "I'm not doing anything. I'm taking the rest of the year off, because I don't want to bore everybody," he said. "Including myself. I want to clear the decks." 

Take that well deserved time off Michael. We'll be here waiting for the next venture.

Source: www.24hrs.ca


Katie said...

As excited as I am for him and understanding that he deserves a good break, I find myself sad. What will I do with myself in those few months? lol

(yes, my life revolves around Michael. Literally.) LOL

Thanks for the pics and the movie link. :)

Simone said...

I'm looking forward to his personal downtime. I'll be very busy with classes, so a less busy Michael allows for me to have a more manageable schedule to dedicate the time to update FF as regularly as possible.

Alexi said...

Yeah-- well. hmph. lol Sorry, I need to talk to some Fassy fans about the movie "Angel" ...just omg. I'm in some weird pissy mood now. LOL I'm fretting over it. Michael clearly played his part so well that it's making me go insane. Anyone else watch that and cry all body fluids out? :( RAH!! and UGH! Stay away Zoe Kravitz! stay awaaaay!! T^T

/end rant

*takes a deep breath* Ok, ahem. I loved that first quote you posted. That is worthy to be among the greats. No joke. Are you still planning on posting the pic of you with Fassy and the business card? :D

Kelton said...

LOL @ Alexi, well while you may be crying your bodily fluids out, I'm laughing a six pack. That was bloody brilliant. XD

I am afraid I have not seen Angel though. Not into drama's and I don't want to find myself in your state. No disrespect. <3

I find it very wise for Michael to take a break. Some stars overdo it and the audience grows tired of them and then they seem to never get anywhere afterwards. Which is not what we want if we are aiming for an oscar! :D Either way, if I need a Fassy fix, I'll just put in one of the many Fassy vids I own.. and re-watch them for the 60th time. :)


Anonymous said...

Fassy had dinner in the Houses of Parliament? That is lagit! xD

jackie said...

is fassbender quite hung?????im blushing here..when will u post the review simone?

Simone said...

I have one more film to watch today and then I take the train back home. Most likely I will do an update on Thursday/Friday with exclusive photos, reviews of 'Method' and 'Shame'.

Kelton, do watch Angel... I think it's good for Fassy fans to make an effort to watch all his films to see his range as an actor.

Jackie, there are a lot of articles written about Michael's nakedness in Shame. Some respectful, some extremely tacky - but they all convey the same factoid.

Anonymous said...

FYI, there's an interview @ flicksandbits.com
with MF in which he gives some insight into
the backstory he and McQueen created for Brandon.

Kelton said...

Oh, all right. I just out it in my Netflix queue and moved it to first spot. :) I am all of the sudden really excited. I hope I don't cry.. haha guys don't like to cry. :p


Jordan said...

Angel was alright. *SPOILER ALERT* I'm just always wondering how Michael's rolls always ends in pain or death. T_T

It maketh me sad.

I am looking forward to your pictures and summary blog post Simone!! :)

Kate said...

Since you are a TIFF veteran, do you know whether it's common for famous actors/directors to attend other people's films at this festival? Obviously buyers and other industry people do. I'm curious because I read that Ivan and Jason Reitman were there, as well as Gus Van Sant and James Franco. I think there were a few other people there I can't remember. Is that common?

Jordan said...

Thanks again Simone. I don't know what I would do without this blog. Not even joking. :)

Simone said...

Awwww, thanks so much Jordan. I don't know what I would do without readers like you. :-)

Simone said...

Kate, to answer your question, heck yes, a lot of actors attend screenings, directors, producers, assistants, etc. I have seen so many famous people once the lights come up. I've seen the Weinstein brothers quickly walk out of a screening once before, possibly to head off to another one. They are all there to work hard to promote their films, but they also love watching other films too. So yes, it is my understanding that 99% of the people in the audience at Shame, stayed for the Q&A, making it mind blowing to know that my question was heard by James Franco and other big names like him. My friend who sat a row behind Fassy said a lot of people raised their hands during the Q&A, I'm very lucky to have been selected by the moderator.

DubhMornie said...

oh my God! I just noticed he's wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt! I'm in love <3
thanks simone for your great work! i loved the interview (I even imagined the voices while i was reading) and i just wanted to say that you have a new follower of your blog in Chile!