Friday, September 30, 2011

It was inevitable

There are two types of conversations going on about Shame right now. One is about it being a brilliant film, and an instant masterpiece classic that may garner Michael Fassbender an Oscar nomination. The other is about Michael's nude scenes. Period. That's it, nothing else. In the past couple of days I have seen commentary that has been really embarrassing to read, it's as if these people, male and female, have never seen a nude man in film before, and some people are "so impressed" they act as if they actually have a chance with Michael. Please. Just stop. Fassinating Fassbender will take the high road and steer clear of such detailed discussions about his nudity. Note the word 'detailed'. I just think it's tacky and disrespectful because it's not like Michael has posed nude in a magazine, or is in a porn video - the man disrobed for his craft, for his portrayal of a man with a psychological disorder. It's not really anything to make light of. Enjoying what you see is one thing... writing a demented thesis about how manly Michael is and how much you now want him, is another thing.

And there certainly will not be any screen caps posted here of Michael nude. Pictures of him from Hunger are out there, I've seen them, but they sure haven't been posted here. I expect to see naked Shame images everywhere his name pops up just as soon as someone illegally pirates the film when it is released in theaters. Those people will not examine the film, or critically analyze the plot, cinematography, soundtrack, screenplay - no, that's boring, they will focus on naked Fassbender and I will have nothing to do with it. I'm not being a prude, I'm just respecting Michael as an artist. I appreciate a beautiful man's body just like any red-blooded heterosexual female, but there is a line I won't cross and that is misusing graphic images of someone I otherwise care about.

So with that said, this is the place for readers to come here to share their thoughts about Shame when you see it. I'm anxious to read your reviews and everything in the film, everything! But again, regular readers know the tone of FF and they will share their frank opinions with grace and leave it at that. Basically, follow my lead in how I reviewed Shame and Michael, and we'll have a lot of fun.

There is still no news from Fox Searchlight as to when Shame will be released in the states, but I don't think it will be on December 9th. Why? Because 'A Dangerous Method' comes out that day, and they wouldn't want it to compete with another Fassbender film. As I look at my calendar, if I were a betting girl, I reckon that due to the NC-17 rating, and the unconventional theme of the film, and it being strategically placed so that academy members can slowly take it in... I reckon it will roll out into theaters in limited release starting December 16th. I figure that December 2nd is too early in December, and December 30th is too late, although a lot of Oscar baity films will be released that weekend. With Shame coming out smack dab between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Fassy fans will have a joyous Holiday Season with two very different Fassbender Films to check out!

TODAY is my birthday and I'll be busy with a few real life things. I have a lot of chapters/articles to read for my Grad classes, a paper to do as well. I'll treat myself to a Bikram Yoga Class starting Friday (this place is right across the street from where I live), and I'm going to make it a regular Friday thing. I ordered some nifty yoga attire from my favorite online shopping store Gaiam, I just LOVE buying stuff from them! Then I'll hang out with my mom and siblings on Saturday so they can wine and dine me, and Sunday I have a little fun thing going on as well.

Thank you to Anne, Gretchen, and Jane for signing the Guestbook! xoxo


MLM said...

Happy Birthday, Simone!

Jordan said...

"I won't cross and that is misusing graphic images of someone I otherwise care about."

That was beautifully said. I felt like was at a football game cheering you on as I read that article. Good for you!!


Oh! Don't forget to vote for Fassbender and X-Men:First Class at the scream awards! :)

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I wish you a happy birthday!!
second, it's totally okay for you to take a time off from writing here,
I visit here for a while now (since I discovered Fassy when I went to the X Men Fist Class),
I must say that you already update here quite a lot,
and I enjoy reading your reviews which I agree with them.

About the upcoming films I wait so much for Dangerous Method (my favorite 3 actors in the whole world!) and Shame which was mentioned here coming to my country and being on cinema, or finally on dvd so I have the chance to watch them.

I feel quite bad that there is so much immature people as you say that can't see a nudity without acting childish,
there are many awesome films which contain male or female nude and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it not look like "porn" in my opinion, for example the beginning of the film 28 Days Later which I enjoyed when the main character woke up in a hospital and he's naked it's just a part of the story and he's actor that's all.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I voted thank you for the link.

Ariel said...

Happy birthday Simone !!

F.FRANKLIN said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMONE!!!!!!!!!!!!may god bless you!!

Simone those who cant appreciate the nude scenes in Shame are close minded people.they didnt understand that steve mcqueen and michael fassbender did not use sex as tool to attract audience as most film nowadays do but they use it as a character,the most important character in the fim after brandon in the film.i really respect you for not to misuse him as a piece of meat as some other sites do and you respect him as a human being .and thats why FF is getting lots of readers daily.good job simone.enjoy the day and have fun with your birthday celebration.

and for other fassys here is the link to my article about michael and Shame.i would really appreciate some feedbacks. fassy all the way!!

giorgia 81 said...

Happy Birthday, Simone!
Well, I appreciate a naked man too (I'm not made of stone LoL) and, yes, Michael has a great body but some people are crazy. Michael is a smart man, I don't think he'll be worried about. These people are crap -_-
Anyway, this evening I'm finally going to watch 'A dangerous method' in italian (no good as I adore his voice), I can't wait!

Liz said...

Happy birthday Simone

paty said...

Happy birthday. I love to read your blog.
I love michael fassbender too.

Emmy said...

Happy Birthday Simone !

Kelton said...

Simone!! Happy Birthday my friend! :)

Although I admit I have those moments where I get overexcited to see Fassy's jewels, I must stay true to the fact that Fassy is a person and individual with talents, feelings and dreams and lusting over only his body (freaking cut/fit body at that) is not what people should do. I too will defend him!

I voted! NYFF starts today!!!!!

Kate said...

Have you seen the few mentions of Shame in the New York Times recently? It seems like they're going to trash it when they post an official review. EEK.

Ms. Limabean said...

Happy Happy birthday to you :)
I am hoping to attend the Austin Film Festival at the end of October, where they will be screening the regional premiere of Shame. I'm thinking maybe it will come out soon after that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simone! I could not have said it better, this is why I keep returning to your blog when I leave others eventually behind - the objectification inevitably takes over. Thank you for remembering the MF is a person first and foremost, and for respecting his artistry and his choices.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have a joyful one!


Dionne said...

Happy Late B-Day Simone! Have fun ;)

Simone said...

Thank you all for the nice birthday wishes! ♥

Elena said...

Happy Birthday Simone!

I have been following your blog for a while even commenting a little bit :)

And I just wanted to say that based on what I have seen in your blog I was expecting you to treat this nudity and objectification issue (that would inevitably rise at some point) just as well as you did.

It is nice to read a blog that is not preoccupied in drooling over Michael, but discuses what is really interesting, the work he does :)

Thank you for your blog! And Happy BDay again, have lots of fun

Elena said...

*preoccupied with

renandelpech said...

Sorry to switch a little bit the subject but I just read that a dangerous method will be in Canada in the movie theaters until february!!! Is that right??
And that is for a dangerous method what is so much more commercial than Shame :-(

Nat said...

this is not fair. I believe many people will appreciate the film (for the film and the whole direction) and enjoy the scene had been made ​​by a handsome man

NazOrs said...

First off, Happy Belated Birthday Simone.

Fassbender's fanbase, especially on Tumblr, are unique, to put it nicely. I feel like he has two separate groups of fans. Those who cherish his work for his talent and those who predominately find him physically engrossing.

Similar to the leak of a celebrities nude photos, people are consumed by sexuality. Comparing physical appearance to that of a celebrity seems to a common routine amongst society.

Personally, I tend to separate sexuality and art almost instinctually. I watch a movie, invest in the story and consume myself with the emotions. That's really the only way I'll truly enjoy it. Having seen the movie at TIFF, and noticing the number of explicit scenes featuring two actors I respect, Fassbender and Mulligan, I tried to just view it as maturely as possible. In my opinion, only those who didn't pay close attention to the people could take something a minor part about it and make it the topic of conversation. I mean, by the time the movie ended, that was the last thing on my mind.

dshultz said...

You are one of the most mature and intelligent people I know. I'm new here, but I'm glad I've joined on board. Happy belated birthday, Simone!

Simone said...

Thank you very much for your kind compliment and birthday wishes Dschultz, and welcome to Fassinating Fassbender land! <>

You certainly are correct NazOrs, there are two separate fan bases for sure. That gulf will widen December 2nd!