Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leaving Venice, En Route to Toronto

Michael Fassbender could very well still be in Venice, Italy, but I doubt it. He might be making a pit stop in London, and then on to Toronto for another back to back premiere of his two warmly received films. As you may be aware, 'A Dangerous Method' does have a US release date of  December 9th, but there's no release date for 'Shame'. But hopefully that will change very soon as the hot topic of discussion from Venice is how outstanding Shame is for Fassbender and Steve McQueen.

Meanwhile, enjoy these wonderful new images of Face to Face Michael in Venice.

Thank you Mieze and Mike for signing the guestbook. And to elaborate a bit in regards to what Mike wrote, I do take Michael's male fans into account when I update FF, so I appreciate you noticing that. And the guestbook serves a vital support to the blog as it allows people to comment about the blog, especially those who are not interested in posting on the blog per se. I have used some quotes there and The Powers That Be know about the guestbook too. We're all fans here, and I'm pleased that there are fans of Fassinating Fassbender.

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Anonymous said...

this may be of interest. he was in london as of yesterday!