Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Michael at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Well it looks like Michael isn't on break just quite yet, he has motorcycled his way into the San Sebastian Film Festival by the looks of this video. I wonder if his father tagged along this time.

And at the Shame photo call this morning, it looks like he's wearing his favorite ensemble.

Favorite jeans - check
Favorite loose white t-shirt - check
Favorite trainers - check
Favorite Ray Bans - check
Favorite watch - check
Bestest smile on the planet - check mate!

My life is fucking awesome and I'm happy as a clam!

Come to me.

Photos: Zimbio


Dionne said...

Oh Fassy, take a break already, don't wear yourself out. (unclean thought just popped into my head, lol)... Anyway I am happy to see that smile. I never tires!

Dionne said...

*IT never tires!

Ariel said...

I've been in San Sebastian this august... Damn, a month earlier, Grrr!

Katie said...

haha Dionne. xD

I couldn't help but grin when watching the video, he was all like "OK, last one..." ..*5 pictures later*
Always there for them fans. I also dig his comfortable look. He could care less about status and class. :) Although when it is needed, he will dress up. <3

San Sebastian, Spain *after googling* looks beautiful! But fassy made it even more so.
Thanks Simone!

Kelton said...

Oh sweetness! What award will he win here? hmm? xD

Liz said...

Sex on a stick, I'll ride around on a motorcycle in Europe with Fassy any day of the year!!

MLM said...

I think when he said take a break, it meant not filming for the rest of the year. Expect him to be at more film festivals, or just the major ones. What's next after SS?

p.s. he's so adorable!

Simone said...

The New York Film Festival is next.

I posted more 'adorable' pictures of him on tumblr. :-)

Jordan said...

Do these film festivals always go back to back like this? I really hope he goes to the NY one... after all, that's where Shame takes place. :)

*goes and Fassy stalks tumblr*

Alexi said...

He is so.. clean. Sounds weird, but true. And I love it. I just love how he has no tattoos. Never cared for those. (Sorry, if any here does)

Just thought I would point that out... ♥