Sunday, September 4, 2011

Michael still Flip Flopping in Venice with Shame

Shame is screening today at the Venice Film Festival, More to come...


giorgia 81 said...

Amazing, just amazing! Grey t-shirt, blue jeans and flip flops. Michael one uf us. I simply adore his current haircut, neglected beard, the big smile obviously and freckles. Ginger men rule totally.

Anonymous said...

omg..........i have read all the review from venice about both fims of michael fassbender.while keira's performance was praised in a dangerous method and was said to steal the show,in the movie shame,fassbender's performance is getting very good review and even generating oscar buzz.they sai michael fassbender had played the character brandon so well and is touted as the best male performance this year so far by many who watched the carrie mulligan is also getting good reviews for her smal role reviewer mentioned even though the closeups of graphic sex scenes are a little disturbing,but felt it was not a porn but a great movie and felt those scenes were necessary for the plot.

MsJAPrufrock said...


In his review of "Shame" in the Hollywood Reporter, Todd McCarthy has finally put into print what we've known on your site for several years--Fassy is the heir-apparent to Daniel Day Lewis. Yes, here we drool over his looks and swoon over his charisma, but the real deal is his incredible talent--basically the whole package!

Do you know of ANY young Hollywood actor getting this kind of golden stamp of approval:

"Fassbender is incredible, capping a year which has also done exceptional work in X-Men: First Class and, especially, A Dangerous Method, which is hitting the festival circuit simultaneously with “Shame.” It’s amazing that it has taken him this long to be fully recognized, as he’s got it all: Looks, authority, physicality, command of the screen, great vocal articulation, a certain chameleon quality and the ability to suggest a great deal within while maintaining outward composure, just for starters."

Simone said...

Hey Giorgia, you're right. The more simple Michael is, the more we adore him. He's the real deal!

I'm hearing the same thing Anon, there's a lot of praise for Michael coming out of Venice. I will soon find out myself just how graphic those sex scenes are. But I reckon to keep in line the theme of the film, they have to be realistic even though the actors simulate the sex scenes. It's amazing what appears to be real, isn't.

Thanks for the article info MsJAPrufrock... I too wonder what took Hollywood so long - Michael has the ENTIRE package, plus a nice Irish accent. Well, better late than never eh? And we all can brag that we've known this for YEARS. :-)