Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off to Toronto!

On Thursday morning, I'm off to Toronto for the 36th Toronto Int'l Film Festival, my 8th year in a row. This will be the first time I arrive early enough to view opening night screenings, thereby permitting me to stay 7 days - and boy do I need to get away. I had a supremely shitty day at work, so bad, I want quit - I will, but, I have to find a new job first. But with that crap aside, I'm going ahead with my plans to Toronto.

I'm scheduled to see 16 movies, two Michael Fassbender films, and one Pearl Jam concert. And as TIFF gets underway, the man of the hour appears to be Michael Fassbender as his profile exploded this week with the success of 'Method' and especially his lead role in 'Shame'. I knew many months ago that going into September, Michael would be at the cusp of A-list territory and therefore in extremely HIGH demand - everyone wants a piece of him, especially those who didn't pay much attention to him before he was as big as he is now. So they just need to see him and talk to him to get to know who this Fassbender guy is. Funny how that works isn't it? I am anxious and excited for Saturday and Sunday night - Fassy Xmastime! I will tweet via FassFass, and if I really have something cool, I'll post it on the blog.


MLM said...

Simone, best wishes at TIFF. Safe travels and have a great time! FF fans eagerly await your reports about Michael's films and the man himself. We're crossing our fingers that he will be there and that you two will cross paths!

Anonymous said...

Just read that Michael won't be at TIFF. Publicists didn't give an explanation.

Hope nothing's wrong! :(

Simone said...

Yes, I just learned this half-past midnight. It sucks, but most importantly, I hope he's ok and we see him soon, smiling again.