Friday, September 23, 2011


In my attempt to be all professional and objective in regards to my opinions about Shame, for this Friday, which I usually try to just post a picture of Michael and start my day, I'm going to answer the question that is on most people's minds.

What did I think of Michael's nude scene in Shame and how long is he exposed?

Michael literally and figuratively let it all hang out. He walks around nude in his apartment, under good lighting conditions, he uses the toilet, in clear view from the back side, he has sexual situations where you can fully see his long, lean, masculine body. I don't know how much time he's unclothed in the film, but it is MORE than enough time to see him from all angles and appreciate what you are looking at.

How is Michael naked? He is... Perfection. He has a remarkable body and he should never, ever have a reason to be shy about it. Like I mentioned in a comment before, Calvin Klein or Armani should give him an underwear modeling contract. There was a scene in the movie where he answers his apartment door in underwear and my mouth dropped open. Purr-fect! You will need to own this DVD or Blu-Ray!

Thank you Zara and Greta for signing the Guestbook!


Margarida Silveira said...

I will own this movie for sure!!

Simon Burke said...

Thank you Simone, you have just made my wait, my week.

Fassy is perfection personified when fully clothed so I can just imagine how that level of perfection must sky-rocket when clothing is removed from the equation.

This film better end up on Blu-Ray uncensored, unrated and unedited.

And P.S. I can completely understand your anger in regards to the prudish attitudes towards the nudity and sex in Shame. The human body is quite literally one of the most beautiful things on this planet and for people to denigrate it as something vile and disgusting is truly sickening.

Dionne said...

Ooh, Simone.
Post like this one (no matter how harmless) do nothing to keep my perverted mind out of the gutter. I can wait until it comes out on DVD.

Katie said...

I am excited more than ever!! Cannot wait!

Fassbender truly must be a God.

Carmen said...

Omg! i want to see it! and im agree with you he should be on armani o calvin klein. You do not know when the movie will come out in theaters ?

Jordan said...

Simone! I am already beyond psyched to see this movie! :D You are making me bounce off walls. Literally. haha

I truly cannot wait for this life changing event. It's like Christmas back when I was 8.

Simone said...

@Margarida - you may want to buy two copies, in case one wears out fast due to multi viewings. ;)

@Simon - the theatrical version will be same as the film festival. Uncut. Pray for deleted scenes on DVD though. Thanks! ♥

@Dionne - sister, perverted minds here at FF are A-Ok!

@Katie - Michael definitely is in a class by himself.

@Carmen - are you in the UK? If so, Shame will be out in January. If you're in the States, it will be out late November or December.

@Jordan - It's Fassymas! I'm glad you're bouncing off the walls. If you're excited now, wait till you actually watch the movie.

Keep in mind ya'll, this is a dark film, but it has its funny moments, and the Fassbender eye candy, clothed/unclothed, offers a beautiful balance to this fine film. I can't wait to read all of your reviews of the film.

DubhMornie said...

can't wait to see this movie. I'm both excited and scared. anyone with the same encountered feelings?

Liz said...

Trust can't wait to see it, own it, but I know I will love it. I did watch that bar scene already and cried when the clip ended or just like the subway scene. I'm captivated! I want to know more about Brandon and his struggles. Already anticipating seeing movie twice, once by myself to enjoy with out distraction lol and then maybe if I think anyone is worthy of sharing. Lol.

And I don't think it's perverted to admire seeing a male or female naked body on screen or in public. This is something our prudish society/ gov has made us believe and fear. Sadly I grew up keeping my sensual natural and likes so hidden to myself and the ones I love that's it's now affecting my marriage which is soon leading to a divorce. I can point out a couple faults I have now that Im working on changing but wont be enough. And I know my husband deserves better then that.
After living in Europe for a couple yes recently it's opened my eyes to the beauty of what I should have been embracing as natural and beautiful and not something that should be shameful and unperfect.

Carmen said...

oh! ok thank you :) no i am in Mexico

geena said...

I just think people shouldn't get their hopes up about seeing this film completely unedited on DVD because a few years ago I experienced something similar with a Colin Farrell film called A Home at the End of the World.

When it was doing the film festival circuits it had a full frontal scene of Colin which lasted only a few seconds but when it got picked up and got international distribution the first thing to go was Colin's dangly bits.

Moral of the story; old, bigotted, out of shape men make all the decisions and old, bigotted, out of shape men don't like men who look like Colin Farrell and Michael Fassbender do naked.