Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm back home after a fun trip to Toronto for TIFF. I will update the blog over the course of the next two days to share with you the Fassbender related news from Toronto. I have viewed all images of Michael from Toronto and it just amazes me that he was still able to make it there after Venice, and that I got to be in his personal space for a minute.

A lot of new readers are visiting Fassinating Fassbender and I welcome you all and hope you are enjoying the blog. I have received a few emails from readers and other bloggers about non-career related images of Michael from Toronto. As I have stated before, FF wants to stand out from the crowd and not be gossipy and intrusive about Michael's private life. That may appear snobby, but I have my reasons, and mostly they are due to simply respecting Michael Fassbender as a fellow human being. This blog exist to celebrate his brilliant talent of acting - not to discuss who is standing next to him in pictures and why. I'll leave that for gossip blogs that are paid to enthusiastically and obsessively "write" about his personal life as if it is the primary reason why Michael is such a brilliant artist and why you should pay attention to him. I hope you all can understand and appreciate this.

I have quickly viewed my pictures that I took of Michael, and I saw the rather decent picture of him and myself. I usually don't photograph well, so I'm surprised it was ok, but, I have made the editorial decision to not share that image publicly because once that image is posted here at Fassinating Fassbender, it will be posted everywhere, and will remain on the internet for eternity. Also, you all know that I'm a fan just like everyone who reads FF, and just for the editorial "integrity" of the blog, I think a fan picture of me and Fassy would look kind of, childish and be a show-off, I don't want to give that impression. But, I'll happily share with you all the other images. Thanks for understanding.

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Thank you Kelton for signing the Guestbook - best blog ever? LOL! xoxo

And Jordan, I appreciate you signing the blog as well. I enjoy reading about how much you adore Michael - and Fassinating Fassbender in particular has fans just like YOU in mind when you come here to read up on the latest. You are not alone and other guys feel the same way. Michael has a gabillion male fans! I know in my heart that Michael very much appreciates your sentiments and I thank you for sharing it with me. xoxo


Monica said...

Hi Simone, It's good to read you again. About what you wrote, I admire how interested you are about his career and not his personal life, it is very mature of you. You know those gossip websites, they take pictures of a celebrity next to someone and inmediately they begin to speculate and exaggerate everything like dating someone is a sin or big deal and stuff like that. They really focus on things that are not important, instead of writing about his acting career, because that's what he does, he acts. He pees, he breathes, he has sex, he talks, he walks and he eats just like everyone else and focusing on that kind of stupid things are a waste of time. He's a human too.


giorgia 81 said...

That's why I appreciate a lot your fantastic blog. It's professional, super accurate and very friendly. I'm agree with your idea, totally. He's a human being for god sake, not something to worship... I can't wait for your reviews and comments :)

mike said...

i understand what u trying to convey simone.thanx alot for creating a blog just focused on the acting talent and respect michael as a human.take some rest and ,after that im looking foward to read your review about dangerous method and shame.i would be glad if u included the performances of the other supporting characters too ,like keira and carrey mulligan.all the best for u simone and keep up the good work.

Simone said...

Thanks for your feedback in support of my decision. I think the reason why there's so much interest in his personal life is that so many celebrities deliberately put their lives front and center and make it the status quo, and fodder for discussions. Michael is not like that... but also, regardless of how smart and private Michael is, he's not always in control of his own image. Public relations want to keep his name out there, and TIFF was the ideal time to do it.

Tanvi said...

Hi Simone, I'm so glad that you just blog about his career life because that's all what everyone should be talking about about and he deserves mature fans.

Jordan said...

I am thrilled to to death that this is not a gossip blog. Paparazzi never does anyone any good.

Michael is a person who deserves respect. And not bantering.

I do not blame you either for not wanting to post your picture of you with him. If I had one of those, I would keep it close to me at all costs.

And your so welcome! I enjoyed signing the guestbook. ^_^

Katie said...

Aw, thanks for the warm welcome. :) Glad to be here. I am one of the newer people.

I agree with everyone as well. I admit I may have my immature "omg fangirl" moments. But I will try harder than ever to remain calm.. haha

Thanks everyone and Simone!!