Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shame Red Carpet at Venice

It appears that nearly 100% of the reviews coming out of Venice is that Michael Fassbender was beyond outstanding in 'Shame'. Let's hope that during the Toronto Int'l Film Festival, that Shame finds a US distributor, which will allow the film to make it to screens in the US, in order to qualify for the next Oscars broadcast in February 2012! Because based on the many opinions of  Michael's portrayal of a self-hate filled handsome young businessman in Manhattan who has a life devouring sex addiction, Michael could be rightfully nominated for an Oscar! This time next week, I will be watching Shame at TIFF and I am trying hard to steer clear of spoiler reviews because apparently there is a gut wrenching revelation in the plot that has caused some audience members to gasp. I want to gasp in real time too, so, I'm not going to read many reviews either.

Again, after a very, very long and hard day at work, it's nice coming home to see the lovely Fassy on the red carpet with the one and only Steve McQueen, his brilliant director of Hunger and Shame, together again. I really love these two dudes together, let's hope for many more projects in the future!

Edited to add: "This is a jolting portrayal of a tough subject. Fassbender has several scenes involving full-frontal nudity and Mulligan has one of her own. The language and the sexual activity is coarse and impersonal. All this leaves a huge question mark over its commercial potential in the US. Presumably it would receive an NC-17 rating, and even liberal American audiences are more likely to be turned off by its explicitness than their European counterparts". Source: Anne Thompson

Oscar here I come!!!!!

Photo source: Zimbio


mike said...

simone,the sex scenes were described as the most saddest sex scenes and even made a critic cried.simone ,i cant wait for your review after watching the film.i want a detailed

mike said...

im very glad to see a filmmaker to showcase the emotion in sex bravo to steve mcqueen and michael fassbender is getting a oscar buzz for his 'shame'.most of them thought michael would be nominated for a dangerous method but now everyone are saying michael potrayal as the lustful brandon is the best actor performance so far this the song sang by mulliga is also getting praises.

Simone said...

Hello Mike, if those sex scenes are quite sad, I guess Brandon's addiction does live up to the film's title. Going into TIFF, I personally felt that Shame would be the best of the two which will showcase Michael's talent. Are you going to Toronto?

mike said...

no simone.i live quite far from toronto.and as i said before i cant wait for your review.

MLM said...

The premise of this movie has always been clear: sex addiction. So the sex will be mechanical, detached, and very self destructive. Nothing sexy about sex addiction. Sex addicts have repressed emotions, like other addicts. And kudos to McQueen and writers for making it real.

I think this is a fascinating companion piece to "A Dangerous Method". These are both very adult films and will never reach a wide audience.

Anonymous said...

How can any sex scene be sad if Michael Fassbender is involved? I just hope the film makes it to DVD...unedited.