Thursday, September 22, 2011

There's no shame in enjoying 'Shame'

I just posted this rant at tumblr, but I thought, fuck it, the blog is the source of these childish, prudish inquiries, I will post it here too!
I have received many private emails and some posts at Fassinating Fassbender inquiring about Michael’s performance in Shame and the situation regarding his PENIS. If you are the type of person who cannot tolerate seeing a man’s penis in a movie, don’t fucking go see Shame. If you fear that Michael’s penis is larger than your boyfriend’s junk, and he’s going to go with you, and his penis envy will destroy your relationship. Don’t fucking go see Shame. If you live on a planet where men should not show their penis, or use said body part, Don’t fucking go see Shame. If you cringe over simulated sex scenes of fully naked professional actors, Don’t fucking go see Shame. If you are a “huge fan” of Michael Fassbender, got his picture and several autographs of him, found him to be sweet, cute, happy, and funny, but then you saw Shame and were disgusted and don’t like him anymore. Fuck you!

Michael Fassbender was brave to take on this role (realizing the harsh criticism that he and the film would take because prudes can't handle the brutal frankness of Shame), and he performed brilliantly in the role of Brandon, a sex addict in Shame. Apparently he did so well, some people actually think he's like Brandon. The fuck? I hope he goes on to win awards as he justly deserves. I’ve been a fan of his for quite a while, and I will continue to be a fan for many, many, years to come!

Mature adults with a healthy understanding of human sexuality should only watch 'Shame'. Immaturity, embarrassment over full frontal male nudity, and naivete will only cause emotional disturbance and discomfort to those who are not mentally mature to view 'Shame'.


mike said...

cool down simone..why are you being angry for some stupid critics and comments that doesnt value good movies and a man and im a straight michael fassbender fan.i will always support fassbender till the end....because he has talent and had the guts to do a daring role like brandon in shame.....i like michael more after knowing he did a role like need to have guts and mentally stable to play a disturbed character like brandon

Simone said...

Mike, it's not the critics, I'm getting lots of emails from fans who are judging Michael for starring in this film, and from people who want to know down to the second how long they will have to see Michael nude because they don't like male nudity.

Being a supportive fan of Michael, I get my fair share of not so nice emails about him.

mike said...

ok simone.i understand your valid reason.dont waste your energy on those stupid emails and comments.we true fassy fans will always be supportive.

Simone said...

I hear you bro! The emails correlate with his rise in fame and yes it goes with the territory. But it's sad how people want to criticize him so unfairly for just doing his job.

Anonymous said...

Hello Simone! I totally agree with you. I don't know what they expected from Shame, a film about sex addiction. And I am totally surprised that some fans' reaction was so negative. It's just a film, and I'm sure that it was not so easy for Michael to portray this character. It also shows what a great fearless actor he is. However, don't get too upset about those e-mails. Mike is right: real fans will always be supportive. Plus, critics indeed praise this movie, although that's a type of folk that usually likes to complain about everything in films. I'm sure that mature audience will appreciate Shame.

I think you did right writing this rant post. Let those kids see the truth and shut their mouths, euphemistically speaking.

By the way, your blog is fantastic. Thanks for keeping it updated!

Simone said...

Thank you x100 Anon! My rant was just that, a rant as I was really offfended by an email I got this morning.

What Michael and Steve did in Shame was hard work, they didn't do this for shits and giggles. This is a real life mental disorder that affects millions of people - the majority of them too ashamed to seek help. Michael has opened himself up in a way that will make him be ridiculed and mocked as an actor and human being by ignorant/immature people - and that's not including the naked Shame screencaps that will flood the internet. (Needless to say, no such screencaps will ever be posted here).

I said what I had to say and I'll leave it be. Again, thank you so much for allowing me to vent and still come back here to read up on Michael. :-)

Jordan said...

I was quite shocked, in different ways. 1, how defensive you were (Which I LOVED by the way lol) 2, that people would actually spam your e-mail with this junk and 3 that they could "dislike" this amazing person because of his superb acting. That is just pathetically sad and makes me sick.

People needed to hear this. This isn't 1880 people. Grow up and use that sack of nerves floating in your cranium. You go to a film you full well know that is based on sexual addiction, then be prepared gosh dang it to see some sex scenes.

I agree as well with you and Thank you Simone.

Kelton said...

Are you serious? People are that shallow?

T_T May the man upstairs help us.

Sorry that you had to go through that Simone. Fassy's third leg is just a bonus booster of my obsession with him. He will always be my favorite, since Band of Brothers.


giorgia 81 said...

These people are annoying and boring. I totally agree with you, guys. They don't understand but, you know what, who cares. We love and support Michael. This is all that matters.

Ms. Limabean said...

This made me laugh. Preach on! Did someone really message you inquiring whether or not this movie is 'date night' appropriate? That kinda made my day.

Katie said...

I support this!! 100%!

Emmy said...

I totally agree with you Simone ! Not many actors would have dared to play nude in a movie like this and that's why I love even more Michael and I support him 100% (always) !!!