Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Out for Michael

Can you imagine what is going on in Michael's mind these days? This year, thus far, has been his most successful year as an actor, and his fanbase has tripled in size, he won a Best Actor award, and two more films are coming out this year, and it's only September. Michael has announced that he's tired and he needs a break, so he's going to lay low for the remainder of the year. He says, "I have been working intensely and putting a lot of stuff out, but that's why I'm taking some time off now - I am not going to do anything for the rest of the year. "You know, this just happened to me, these amazing projects came my way that I felt were too good to turn down, and for the past 20 months I've been going back to back, so now it's time for me to clear the decks. Also, I don't want to saturate and bore people." It's impossible for him to bore his truest fans, but I do understand what he's saying, and that he does need this private down time away from film sets and interviews.

However, during this hiatus, he may have to do some campaigning for Fox Searchlight when Shame rolls out in December for its theatrical release. Nikki Fink sums it all up: "Distributors are used to evaluating the challenges of finished films playing for the first time at festivals. In the case of Shame, some balked at the demand they couldn’t change a frame and had to come out this year, but not Fox Searchlight, which will chase an Oscar for Michael Fassbender." It's good to know that per Steve McQueen's adamant stance, 'Shame' will not be cut to appease the delicate palate of Americans who are trained for R-rated films, not NC-17. I wouldn't be surprised if Shame has a late November release as it slowly spreads its limited release and this movie, starring Michael, will become a hot ticket due to positive word of mouth. Michael Fassbender will literally be seen in a different light by his fans and Hollywood. From this moment on, the sky's the limit for Michael. And at, they are the first to make their Oscar lineup prediction. Check out the company Michael is listed with:  

CURRENT PREDIX: George Clooney (The Descendants); Leonardo DiCaprio (J. Edgar); Jean Dujardin (The Artist); Michael Fassbender (Shame); Brad Pitt (Moneyball)

I bet Michael will receive dozens upon dozens of scripts during his down time because of his performance in Shame and his A-list profile now. And I know I haven't discussed much about 'A Dangerous Method' and as more time passes since I saw it at TIFF last week, I don't know if I even have the motivation to write as thorough and fair review of it like I did with Shame. Writing about 'Shame' was more natural, easy, and fun for me. Not to say that 'Method' is a bad film, it's not... it's just that I didn't connect with it, or, in other words, it didn't excite me like 'Shame' did. I'm a Cronenberg fan, a psychology student, and I like all the principle actors, but the pace of the film was slow, more screen time should have been on Freud/Jung to analyse their relationship much more than Jung and Sabina, and I thought Jung was a jerk. This film comes out on December 9th, so you will see it in due time.

Regarding my video I took of the Q&A at Shame, I tried to upload the whole thing at Youtube but it took forever. So I have to split it up into four or five segments in order to upload it. I will work on this again this week, so please bare with me.

I'm really pleased with all the comments that have been posted here at FF lately - it makes the blog lively and allows me to interact with the readers. And the guestbook comments are wonderful, so thank you to Stephanie, Leah, and Ariel for your support! And you're right Stephanie, Michael does not pretend to be nice to his fans, he is the real deal and he really appreciates all our support, it means a lot to him!


Jordan said...

Yes! I get so excited when I come here to find a new update. ^_^
I am so thrilled for Fassy to take a deserved break. I just spent this past week writing a one page fan letter w/ a picture for him to sign to Fassy via Troika (I was fretting as to what to say...ha. Had to keep it short too so as to not keep him from daily tasks) But this may provide him with more time to focus on fans!

It must be neat for you Simone to witness the fanbase of Fassy just swell and surge this past year. I hope we can all play a part in Fassy taking home the Oscar!

OH, slightly off-topic and random, but has anyone visited Fassy's hometown of Killarney? And even ate at his families restaurant? I want to do that.. would love tips.

Thanks Fassinators! C:

Katie said...

He is the only actor I can think of truly that deserves the Oscar. Sorry for my ignorance, but I never did pay much attention to awards and such until now. I used to just watch the movies and drool over Fassy.(Well I still do the drooling part per say..) All I know is that the Oscar is the most well-renowned award among actors and directors. I noticed Brad Pitt was on the list. Hasn't he won one already? If not a few? Can you win it more than once?

Either way. We're rooting for you!
Thanks again Simone!

Jordan---Never been to Ireland, let alone left the US. :( And can I pretty please have Fassy's address? I would love to express myself to him. In a mature manner of course. I am trying to control my inner sqee-ful fangirl.

mike said...

katie,the only person who mhave won before in the pediction list is george clooney and rvrn that i guess he won not for acting.i feel michael fassbender got bright chances to win oscar.but it really depends on how steve mcqueen campaigning.i know many people said the nude scenes and the sex content might make him not win but i want to remind those people about kate winslet in the reader,and she finger crossed ,hope the fassy gets a nod and eventually win.

Simone said...

Jordan, some fans have converged onto Killarney once becoming fans of Michael. Some even spent time at his family's restaurant and spoke with their parents. And due to the rising profile of their son, the Fassbenders were soon overwhelmed with all sorts of visitors and media, and eventually retired just last year.

Katie, I have been following the Oscars since I was a kid, so I'm what you would call an Oscarologist, but I'm still a novice compared to some people who literally know statistics about Oscar. In that short list of actors predicted for nominations, only Clooney has won, and that was for Supporting Actor for Syriana back in 2007, I believe. Brad has been nominated twice before but never won, same for Leo, he's been nominated several times but never won. If this list is accurate, only Jean and Michael will be first timers.

Although it is a honor to be nominated and win an Oscar, it is very political and there is butt kissing and campaigning that goes hand in hand in actually winning. Steve McQueen is not in charge of nothing in regards to Oscar, as a potential Best Director nominee, he would be subject to campaigning too. It is ultimately up to the studios, in this case, Fox Searhlight which would spent the money to campaign for Michael, and send him in media rounds to promote the film and himself, and he would participate in other PR events as well.

So for now, it's a bit too early for Oscar talk, but it just goes with the territory starting in the Fall when the festivals are in full swing. There are tons of critics awards that Michael must win (if just a few) to keep his Oscar chances alive. If the critics ignore him, so too will Oscar... no matter how good we think he is. But I reckon he's off to a great start with the Venice win.

To learn more about the Oscar race and to see what people think about Michael's chances, watch this forum at Awards Daily, I post there as 'smonie'. There are a lot of Michael fans there who are huge movie fans in general.

Dionne said...

Yes, Michael deserves some time off. And if those old toads, at the Academy cheat my Fassy again out of an Oscar like they did for Hunger I'm going to be a very upset Fassinator!
Thanks Simone for the updates

Anonymous said...

Gary Oldman is currently the front runner for the Oscar, with Fassbender being a lead up.

But Gary Oldman is long overdue. He's had like 30 years of incredible performances. Completely unrecognizable in every role. And he has never even been nominated.

The Academy will most likely award him for his brilliant work in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Which getting unanimous praise all over the world

Simone said...

Anon, you certainly have NO argument from me. Gary Oldman is the MAN, and if all were fair, he'd already have two Oscars by now. But as we know, Oscar isn't about whose overdue, and it sure ain't fair. We'll see what happens when the official list of nominees come out and it would be brilliant to see Gary nominated along with Michael.

Kate said...

You're right that he'll need critics awards, and I'm not convinced he's going to get them. I expect that the critical response to Shame from the major American reviewers is going to be significantly less enthusiastic than that from the European/UK press and American bloggers. See: Dargis from the NY Times.

On the other hand, I think he actually has a decent shot for a nomination from the Golden Globes and Baftas, which will help in an Oscar run. The Globes have expanded drama/comedy categories, they're more willing to take a risk, and they LOVE the hot (emphasis on hot) new thing. I think the Baftas might give him a nom as much for his prior work as his work in Shame. They've nominated him twice before (I think) in the British film category & a nom in the major actors category will be a sort of apology/recognition that he's made it to the big time.

Jordan said...

@Simone, Daww, that's too bad, although I can hardly blame them. It would still be neat to look around Killarney and see where Fassy grew up however. :)

@Katie, visit The address is on the bottom right. Letters go through them to reach their clients. The real address of Fassy is unknown, for personal, sanity and safety reasons. :)
-I think-

Anonymous said...

Simone, the past 2 Best Actor winners have been about being overdue.

Jeff Bridges won the Oscar in 2010, over Colin Firth (who really deserved it that year)

Colin Firth won the Oscar in 2011 over other worthy nominees or actors who should have been nominated

both actors won because they have been long overdue.

However, in Oldman's case its more about performance. He is simply transfixing. He does something magical here. He does what he is so famous for in a completely contrasting character, he brings forth loud and animated behavior in a character who is very still. A unique performance where he is loud in the tiniest of gestures.

mike said...

i totally disagree with the ANNON,i feel jeff bridges was deserving to win and the same thing goes to colin firth for the king's speech.but gary oldman will will be nominated for his brilliant performance .i really hope fassbender gets nominated and even win.but as a guy who watches lots of film, my prediction is george clooney(descendants),michael fassbender(shame),leonardo dicaprio(j.edgar),ryan gosling(ides of march),gary oldman(tinker tailor soldier spy)

mike said...

even though im praying for fasssbender to win but my critic side is saying its between fassbender and leonardo dicaprio this year...Simone since u are also familiar with the oscar what do u think of my predictions?

Simone said...

Anon, I think Jeff Bridges was well overdue and that demonstrates how AMPAS screws up current valid performance by awarding someone for something they should have given them 20 years ago. In this case, 'The Fabulous Baker Boys' for Bridges, as an example. Colin Firth, as much as I adore him, he wasn't overdue, but we won fair and square last year for 'The King's Speech' - which I loved absolutely. His performance in 'A Single Man' was fine, but I liked 'King' better.

Mike, it would be lovely to see Ryan Gosling nominated this year, I don't know if he'll make it. I saw 'Ides of March', he was fine, but he was brilliant last year in 'Blue Valentine' which blows my mind why he was ignored. So, maybe the academy will make it up and nominate him this year. He could easily replace the overexposed but much loved Clooney, or even Leo, who like Kate Winslet, is doing anything and everything Oscar baity to be nominated and win. Again, I like Leo, but everything he does, people expect him to be nominated, and yes, in a fair world, he should already have an Oscar.

So as you see, this is why I have a love hate thing for Oscar, it's bullshit, but it's the highest bullshit honor and I just go with the flow.

If Michael is nominated, that in of itself will legitimize his career like nothing else, and you can guarantee, that he will be nominated many, many more times throughout the duration of his career. It's all about timing and the role for him to win. He could pull an Adrien Brody ala The Pianist, and win on his first bat out, but like the others have said, Gary Oldman, a very respected, brilliant actor, who has never been nominated before, could be nominated for TTSS, and actually win because not only would he deserve it (just like Michael), but Gary would have the 'He's soooo overdue' banner over his head.

It's going to be an exciting race, especially if Fassbender is part of it.

Katie said...

Thanks everyone, I did my homework on the Oscar and now I know more about than I did two days ago. :)

Thank you Jordan! I will write a letter as soon as I'm done here!! So excited.