Thursday, October 6, 2011

Empty Bed

What do you think of this one-sheet of an unmade bed for Shame? Does it entice you to want to see it? It will be in select theaters starting Dec. 2nd. Already out of New York comes some wild tales about people's reactions towards Michael in the flesh, and critical response to pre-views of Shame. All very good, but still in a strange way.


Dionne said...

I like the empty bed, but I also like the one with Michael sitting on the end of the bed. Oh my all this bed talk, I just want to see the film!

Kelton said...

I personally think the best poster with Fassy in the bed is the best... *wink wink* It has his thoughts and emotions etched on his face.

Not sure with this one. At first I wasn't sure what I was looking at to be honost, and for people that have no clue at all what "Shame" is.. will be totally lost.

Of course the good ol mysterious hand is intriguing enough too.

MLM said...

I don't like the new poster. It's too literal and cliched. A rumpled bed--how original! The mysterious hand with the NY skyscraper poster is gorgeous and far more provocative. Sex addicts get it off anywhere, not just in a bed!

Simone said...

I know what you mean MLM, considering that Brandon's sexual escapades take place literally, anywhere and everywhere, the bed is just one place. But I think the message still comes across along with title of the movie across the bed.

Someone just looking at it w/o knowing about the movie will connect the imagery of the two pillows, and disheveled unmade bed, the title, and come to the conclusion that it's about someone's uncontrolled sexual behavior.

I would like to have another look at the image of Michael/Brandon alone in bed, staring up into nothing, contemplating with angst about how to get through the rest of day and how to get his sexual drug.