Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fassbender | McQueen | Ejiofor {edited}

Many months ago when Steve McQueen and his muse, Michael Fassbender were filming 'Shame', it was announced that McQueen's next project will be 'Twelve Years A Slave', and it will be starring the fantastic, handsome, talented Chiwetel Ejiofor. Today it has been confirmed that Michael will be joining the film making it his third outing with the director. As first reported by Variety, filming will start in early 2012. The film 'Twelve Years' is sadly a true story about Solomon Northup, a free black man in America back in 1841, who was kidnapped from Washington and taken to the slave state of Louisiana to work on a cotton plantation until his freedom in 1853. This is going to be a riveting and emotional film that should conjure up angry feelings in any decent person about this country's ugly past. Being directed by Steve McQueen, and starring outstanding talents like Michael and Chiwetel, it will be an amazing screen battle of who's going to be the stand out actor in this film. If you are not familiar with Chiwetel, I suggest you go to his IMDB or netflix and check out some of his films. I've seen him in a few films, namely Salt, Children of Men, Inside Man, and Kinky Boots (I LOVE this movie!).

ETA: As I am in the process of updating Michael's wiki page to include 'Twelve Years', I went to the wiki page of the book about 'Twelve Yrs' and in the Synopsis, it reveals a key character of a man that in all probability, could be the character Michael could play. At least I hope so because the rest of the synopsis reveals characters so heinous, I cringe to think of Michael in such an inhumane role... but alas, it's just acting. What do you think?

The book, which was originally published in 1853, tells the story of how two men approached him under the guise of circus promoters who were interested in his violin skills. They offered him a generous but fair amount of money to work for their circus, and then offered to put him up in a hotel in Washington D.C. Upon arriving there he was drugged, bound, and moved to a slave pen in the city owned by a man named James Burch, which was located in the Yellow House, which was one of several sites where African Americans were sold on the National Mall in DC. Another was Robey’s Tavern; these slave markets were located between what are now the Department of Education and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, within view of the Capitol, according to researcher Jesse Holland, and Northup's own account[1]. Burch would coerce Northup into making up a new past for himself, one in which he had been born as a slave in Georgia. Burch told Northup that if he were ever to reveal his true past to another person he would be killed. When Northup continually asserts that he is a freeman of New York, Burch violently whips him until the paddle breaks and Rathburn insists on Burch to stop.
Northup mentions different kind of owners that Northup had throughout his 12 years as a slave in Louisiana, and how he suffered severely under them: being forced to eat the meager slave diet, live on the dirt floor of a slave cabin, endure numerous beatings, being attacked with an axe, whippings and unimaginable emotional pain from being in such a state. One temporary master he was leased to was named Tibbeats; the man tried to kill him with an axe, but Northup ended up whipping him instead.
Finally the book discusses how Northup eventually ended up winning back his freedom. A white carpenter from Canada named Samuel Bass arrived to do some work for Northup’s current owner, and after conversing with him, Northup realized that Bass was quite different from the other white men he had met in the south; he said he stood out because he was openly laughed at for opposing the sub-human arguments slavery was based on. It was to Bass that Northup finally confided his story, and ultimately Bass would deliver the letters back to Northup’s wife that would start the legal process of earning him his freedom back. This was no small matter, for if they had been caught, it could easily have resulted in their death, as Northup says.

Now with this new film on Michael's roster, I don't know where that puts the other films that his name has been attached to, specifically that vampire movie I so desperately want him to do! Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

Thank you Dani for signing the guestbook, some people may make fun of me for being the Editor of Fassinating Fassbender, but it's fans like you who I'm keeping it up to date for; knowing you appreciate my hard work always encourages me. Thanks!


Dionne said...

I'm so happy about this! I wonder who Michael will play? Hmm

Long live "FassQueen"

Simone said...

It's rumored that Michael will play the lawyer who tries to free Solomon.

I believe Ejiofor will be the lead in this film.

FassQueen... I like that. :)

Alexi said...

Yes! I hope he is the Lawyer and not the slaver!

I don't mean to sound rude, but I hope he doesn't have to speak in that southern accent. I can never understand them... and his Irish accent is already so perfect.

Simone said...

Possibly for this role, Michael may keep his accent, just tone it down a bit because, authentically, Americans spoke with a different accent back then than they do now.

Jordan said...

FASSY must be BASSY!! He was a mighty fine Canadian in "A Bear named Winnie" and he can do it again.


Francis said...
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Francis said...

Hello Simone!! My name is Francis,I´m a girl from Venezuela and I´m a number one fan of your blog and Michael Fassbender, Im a new fan because I just knew him for the first time when I saw X-men first class, and I was like "who is him?, I really need to know!!" I felt like a deep punch on my chest and my head felt like I never met someone like him!! Literally I felt in love is something that I can´t explain, so I started my research in the cinema (Thanks to my Blackberry!!I was desperate), and when I returned back home, I saw like thousand and thousand of pages online looking and searching who he was, the movies, tv series, commercials, everything about him. I saw almost all the movies he was in fish tank, hunger, re-watched 300, Inglorius Bastards, Centurion, Jane Eyre, Jonah Hex, etc(not the same night and thanks to youtube), I saw all the episodes of Hex, band of brothers,trial & retributions, the devil´s whore, and so goes on. I´m crazy about him and the amazing actor that he is!! I found your blog when I was doing my researched and I love everything you do for us (Fassy fans) and I really a appreciate your dedication and love for Michael. You are my home page so every day I keep my self updated thanks to you!!! Thank you very much!! Greetings from Venezuela!! (Sorry for my english) Francis xoxo!!!

dshultz said...

I don't really care what role Fassy plays, I'm just glad he's got another project with McQueen. They're the new Scorsese and De Niro

NazOrs said...

YES. Great news