Friday, October 28, 2011

Hackney's Hottest Neighbor [edited]

I've known for quite a while that Michael lives in the Hackney section of London. As many times as I have been to London (my 9th trip coming up in December), I've never ventured there. I now have a reason to check it out - Michael was at the new Hackney Picturehouse as a guest speaker to announce its Grand Opening the other day!  According to London Time Out, the Hackney Picturehouse is not just a film theater, but it has three bars, a cafe, an art gallery, and live events will take place there. Sounds like a very cool place. As my itinerary is still in development, surely I can swing over to Hackney to check this place out. Earlier this year, there was a horrible wide-spread riot in England, very disturbing! And Hackney was one of those areas affected by bastard hoodlums and anarchists hell bent on destroying their neighborhoods. And for the most part, sadly, they succeeded. So along with Kate and William getting married, the aftermath of the riots, the new theater in Hackney, my pregnant friend, and Fassbender being on fire, it'll be a great time to visit London to support it!

These two images are being used with permission by ©Joanne Davidson

I forgot to mention the other day that I think it's cool news that Brad Pitt will be joining Michael and Chiwetel in 'Twelve Years a Slave'. Now that Pitt's on board, let him be the bastard slave master, and Michael be the Canadian hero - Michael's already been teased about him speaking like a Canuck! Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B, has had its eye on this project for a long time, so its a natural next step for him to climb on board the project and have an acting role in it. I'm sure that with three top stars on this film project, this will be Steve McQueen's highest budget mainstream film. However, since it's a McQueen film, it'll still be deep in analyzing the struggle of the soul.

I don't know if anyone else thought of this yet, but it'll be the third film dealing with some sort of imprisonment of the person. First in Hunger (prison/hunger strike), Shame (held captive by sexual addition), Slave (enslavement). It's funny how far McQueen has come, because his roots are in the arts, and he said that 'Hunger' was going to be his first and last film. Well... I'm glad he changed his mind. Steve's a Fassinator like the rest of us ya'll and he can't stop working with Michael! I'm already excited about seeing the red carpet of all four of these guys together: Michael, Brad, Chiwetel, and Steve. Talk about a kick-ass line up of brilliant dudes.

ETA: Thanks to Joanne Davidson for bringing to my attention that the two images above are her property!

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Carolina said...

Can I have a neighbor like that?
I find myself checking this blog for news on this man WAY too often now. I think I have a problem! :p

dshultz said...

I love it. Stay out of hollywood as long as possible Michael, it's a soul-eating place.

Simone said...

No Carolina, you do not have a problem gf! ;-)

I'm happy as well that Michael's home is not in Hollywood. I get the impression that he tolerates it to get his work done. You will find that other stars who do not live in Hwood, live low key, happier, productive lives. Michael's talent is too valuable to go to waste in the soul destroying cesspool of Hollywood. I like that his home is in Hackney, it normalizes him and keeps him rooted.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog, but i just want to clarify that the whole riot situation is a lot more complicated than a bunch of hoodlums and so called anarchists hellbent on hellraising. it's a complex social situation, especially in an area like hackney that's getting quickly and increasingly gentrified, thus marginialising the already existing population. this isn't to say that there weren't assholes out there, but it's frustrating as a londoner to have something like that simplified in that way because it takes away the actual disruption and problems that are lacking underneath. sorry to completely hijack a fassbender post about political and social unrest, and on that note, i'm also happy to see MF supporting artistic causes in east london and independent theatres.

you'll love your london trip!

Simone said...

I'm well aware of the deeper complications of the riots in London this past summer. This blog is not the place to go into a detailed political analysis so I just made a quick opinionated comment. England is near and dear to my heart, and unlike many Americans, I follow what goes on over there very closely.

Although this will be my 9th visit there, I always find something new and fun to do, this time, a trip to Hackney is in order.

seraphicallyfree said...

omg i'm going to London in Aug and i was just surfing stuff about Fassbender and Xmen then discovered that he lives in Hackney.
Have you seen him around when you went?? Omg which part exactly, would you know? or somewhere close by lol..

Bellisimo said...

I see him around quite a bit(he lives in the next street) several times this week including today, 24 May, he was lunching in the same restaurant as me.

seraphicallyfree said...

Haha omg! Let's just hope I'll get lucky when I'm there! :D :D

seraphicallyfree said...

Wait what restaurant is it?
Lol ok just to be clear, I'm not a crazy stalker. Just excited haha. I'll prob be even too shy to ask for a picture!

Bellisimo said...

Well I don't think I should say, it is waaay too close to where he actually lives, sorry.

seraphicallyfree said...

that's so not on! =(

Simone said...

I'm sure some people have an idea as to where Michael lives and I'm sure he would appreciate it if specifics are not shared publicly.

seraphicallyfree said...

What...I do hope you know I was just kidding with my last comment.
Like I said, I'm not a crazy stalker. Did I even ask for his address? Nope.
I'm less of a fan than you. I mean, I don't have a blog dedicated to him and all.. I just thought it would really make my trip that much more enjoyable if I actually ran into him.

Bellisimo said...

Sorry, I'm not being difficult, it's kind of awkward as I know his address but I don't think it is right to give it out or even clues to it; ditto details of the restaurants he eats in as I've always seen him in ones very close to his home. He lives a low key life here and doesn't get bothered by people and I'm sure he wants to keep it that way! Hackney is quite a big area but happy hunting anyway!

Simone said...

@seraphicallyfree, I don't know where you live, in the states or in Europe, but as a MF fan, if your main reason for visiting London/Hackney is so that you can see Michael in the flesh, that's not going to happen. When you travel, you have to want to see the host city for what it offers, not which famous person you may see.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Hackney several times in the past 3-4 years and it's a very cool, very hip place. But I never went there when Michael was in town, he was always filming somewhere else. And that as fine for me, even better because my actions for being there would have been scrutinized for any chance encounters I would have had with him.

If you really, really want to visit Hackney, go there to visit Hackney, not with the hopes of bumping into Michael Fassbender for a selfie. BTW, if you go, just focus on London Fields, Broadway Mkt, and treat yourself to a movie at the Picturehouse. :)

@Bellismio, if you truly know Michael's address, you shouldn't be bragging about it to make yourself appear to know something that some fans really want to know. It's not safe, and I strongly suggest you don't mention/brag about it on the net again. You're teasing people and that's not cool dude. Thx.

seraphicallyfree said...

LOL. Nooooo you got it all wrong. I'd have a very lame and shitty trip if i just went there with the purpose of meeting him and he'd probably won't even be there. I like tom hiddleston too but I obviously won't see him there. C'mon!
I love London for all it has to offer!
Thanks for the recs. Those go on my very long to-do list :)