Thursday, October 6, 2011

Michael and David at the 49th NYFF

 Michael Fassbender came out to support director David Cronenberg's 'A Dangerous Method' last night at the 49th New York Film Festival. By the looks of it, Michael made up for not being able to attend the TIFF gala by fooling around with David. They both look real good and having a lot of fun!

Michael, David, and Producer Jeremy Thomas.

Michael looks good in this color blue. I reckon this shirt is his favorite blue shirt because he has been wearing it for a long time. It matches his eyes (fangirly comment).

Source: Zimbio & Life


dshultz said...

I want ADM to be as good as I've been hoping, but from a lot of reviews, it's a rather normal period piece, that happens to have a rather interesting topic. Oh, well, everyone seems to like Shame, though (even if they're embarrassed by one of the most common natural occurrences in the male human body).

Simone said...

I know I have not been enthusiastic about 'Method' and I don't mean to imply that it's a bad film; it is not. It's just that it is slow paced and it lost my interest mid-way through.

I will most certainly give it a second view, I may even own the DVD, but compared to Shame and other films I saw at TIFF,'Method' failed to have that woo factor that makes you think of a film, days afterwards.

KATIE said...

haha! I love the fangirly comments. :X

And why can't fassy attack me from behind??

Excited for what NYFF will bring.

Dionne said...

I too was really excited for ADM because it has Viggo, who was one of my first loves and then it has Michael, the object of my affection... I'm still going to watch but i'm more excited for Shame now!

Fassy's hair is growing back. :)