Friday, October 7, 2011

Michael Fassbender at SHAME Premiere at NYFF (edited)

 Michael Fassbender at the NYFF premiere of  Shame. (High Res can be found here)

I know you were thinking of the same damn thing! Don't even try it! Orange Creamsicle, you lick it.
Michael looks really, really good.  He must have had a facial, a massage, and people kissing his ass all day. He looks Mahhhh-valous!

I really, really like Steve McQueen and I hope he and Michael work together many more times in the future.

While I was sweating away 1100 calories in my Bikram Yoga class, Michael in extreme fine form came out to premiere Shame at the NYFF. Steve McQueen of course was there as well. I can't wait to read everyone's reports about the screening and reviews of the film. Mark this moment Fassinators, Michael is no longer... our sekret. *sniff*

 Sources: Zimbio & LIFE


Dionne said...

Oh gosh Simone, you're right. I've noticed i've had to share him more lately. It's okay though, I'm so proud of him!!!

And that ginger hair growing back, OMG! Yummy

Liz said...

i'll have to say I was starting to feel mighty sad watching the videos ppl had posted of the Dangerous Method showing the other night, in front of the camera flashes he was all smiles and laughs but when he did hit the streets to probably hit the hotel or maybe the clubs/bar who knows he did look/sound tired. He has had such a glorious year of movie releases which in turn really was a couple years of filming so I'm sure the poor guy really is just crying inside for a break. But I think he really does care for the fans and his craft to put forth the effort to follow it thru to the end. As much as I wish I could have been there tonight to freeze up in front of him and not blubber up my words (lol) I'd most likely just want to give him a big hug and tell him its almost vacation time... ok enough ranting... must go watch Jane Eyre or something hehe. /cheers

Jordan said...

Such a bittersweet moment!! I am so dang proud of Fassy! The world is beginning to see the light! But sharing him will be extremely hard! Just GRR. I don't mean to be selfish.. haha! I feel like the world is trying to steal my boyfriend or something.


I agree Dionne! His hair is so Fasstastic! Looking soo fine!

Steve McQueen and Fassbender are just hilarious together too. I love it. Fassy did the same thing with McAvoy too.

Here is the interview vid. :)

Rock on Fassinators! :)

Kelton said...

I have been up all night trying to stay updated on all this Fassy @ NYFF awesomeness!

Three facts I have concluded thus:

1. Camera's love Fassy just as much if not more than his hardcore fans. He looks so GOOD! Flippin Photogenic!

2. Fassbender = charisma. Only way that c word can exist.

3. I seriously struggle with the fact that I have to share Fassy. T_T haha! -kicks myself-

I pretty much saved all those epic pics to my pc too. ;) so thank you for those! And nice link. I watched it on the NYFF website. But seeing the comments on YouTube was also fun. ^^

KATIE said...

haha, I also saved the pics.Nice vid, and I feel for you all!! Share? What? ha but.. No, it's all good. Fassy is someone that won't grow rotten with the more fame that is buttered on him. He is too pure. :D

Is NYFF the last one? I hope he can a nice long break! Although the steady inflow of new pics and info on a weekly basis is nice.

Simone said...

I will check out that youtube link, thanks for posting it.

I'm sure Michael will get proper rest, but he has a job to do in promoting Shame at the most visible US film festival. I'm glad it was all a success. When it's all over, he and we will be happy with all that has occurred in creating the buzz for this fine film.

While there are still people hating on Michael, the overwhelming majority are crazy about him and that's all that should matter. It's a proud and bittersweet moment for us, but it's going to be a fun ride.

giorgia 81 said...

I'm speechless, he's perfect. This ginger is going to kill me xD
I can't wait to see Shame.

Tamar said...

Mark this moment Fassinators, Michael is no longer... our sekret. *sniff*

BWA. I know that bittersweet feeling quite well.

But see, it's this generous nature (c'mon, doesn't everyone deserve to be introduced to the wonder that is Michael?) that sets FF fans (how many "F"s) apart! I feel so honored to be part of this warm community. :)