Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Michael Fassbender Relieves Stress - According to Research

I have been tremendously busy with mounds of non-Fassy work and I got a lot accomplished in the past few days. Believe me, I have not forgotten about the video at TIFF that I took of the Q&A. I realize that possibly my computer and my home connection is too slow to upload it. So the next time I go to the library at the university on Thursday, I'll take my laptop and hook up to their Internet, which is faster and I should be able to upload and share it then. My apologies for the delay... well, for the 3 of you who probably still care and haven't seen any other YouTube videos from Toronto yet.

It looks like there is a small break for Michael on the festival circuit, and he deserves it. Can you imagine how your retinas must feel after so many damn pictures are taken of you? How tiring it must be to answer a hundred different versions of the same damn questions about one film? And that's not even taking into account all the flying he has been doing in the past month. I hope he's at a spa now.

Again, there may be days that I cannot update FF because I'm busy with my studies, but I will try to be on top of things when there is breaking news. Keep posting comments or sending me emails, I'm reading everything in between studies and work. Speaking of work, I up and quit that bitch last Thursday. It was either quit, or go to jail for strangling a bitch at work (most times it's just best to quit w/o notice because when you give two weeks notice, they make that time hell for you - not worth it). Of course I quit once I got a job offer from a respected organization -  it is going to be splendid for me professionally, and it's slightly less hours to allow me more time for my research work at the university. I start that on Oct. 24th, so I have this entire week off for studies and taking care of other things. I have been extremely stressed out with the pure BS at my former job, and believe it or not, having new information to update Fassinating Fassbender has been therapeutic*. Michael is a miracle! His face should be on the bottle of Excedrin Migraine... he's that good! When I was so stressed or upset from the hell hole, I would go online and when I saw new things to update FF with, my stress levels decreased - it's fun and cathartic. Have you ever had a miserable ass day, only to come home, go onto your computer, and be cheered up by  The Fassy? Please indulge in the FF scientific poll*.

I finished a research paper, an annotated bibliography, and now I'm going to get ready for another session of Bikram yoga! L8r!

Thanks Lisa and Dennis for signing the guestbook! xoxo

*Fassy Research Foundation


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Hello! I just stumbled across your page after doing a search of Fassy. It's a great site you have! It's so awesome he received your U of M cap!

dshultz said...

This is not very surprising, a man like that, the only thing I think he's incapable of is being unattractive. It's like what Pauline Kael said about Paul Newman, "Please don't make us dislike him, it's painful to try." or something to that effect. Even if he portrays an ass and a sex addict in Shame, he's gonna have the audience on his side.
just my two cents.

Dionne said...

Congrats on the new job!
Ha. I completely agree Simone!
but I think there should be a warning label on the bottle.

1.) May be addicting

2.) May cause daydreaming when you should be studying

3.) May cause random smiling and happy thoughts during important lectures, or while driving

4.)May cause you to go out and purchase a Ginger Cabbatch Patch Doll with a mini-green shamrock shirt for said doll

5.) May cause various unhealthy fantasies

etc. etc. Not saying I've expirienced any of these *cough* or all of these. But we should have a warning label.

MLM said...

Dionne, the Fassy-warning label be damn! I will risk all for this kind of relief!

Carmen said...

Hello!just imagine what I already tired, poor! He need to take a break.
And you good luck with your studies! :)
Simone one question, what career you are studying ?
Because im almost entered the university and i don't know what I study not yet :S

redberryCrimson said...

simone where are the long promised pics? you can at least put up a thumbnail!!, are you a brunette?

Simone said...

@ Rainy Days - Keep on visiting us here. Thanks!

@ Dennis - I've seen a few pictures of Michael when he looked really rough, I wouldn't even post them here. But with that said, let the record show that 99.7% of the picture he takes, he's lovely.

@ Dionne - sister girl, I would still ignore the warning labels and just take the dang Fassy pills. LOL!

@ Carmen - I'm going for my 3rd degree, a Masters in Communication. I think based on how I enjoy blogging, that's a good match. When I finish, I would like to do PR work. Good luck to you too!

Simone said...

@redberry, The pictures that I took at TIFF have been posted weeks ago. I will not be posting the picture of myself and Michael. Yes I'm a brunette.

Redberry Crimson said...

cool Simone, thats cool, i was just wondering if you look like Zoe because she is gorgeous. no stalking intended. I'm sure you're a pretty girl too.

Redberry Crimson said...

Simone you can be our connection to the party line!. Please tell me how you get to fly to all these cool places TORONTO, LONDON, LA so easily on a student budget?

Lex said...

Congrats Simone with your new job! Sounds like the only way is up up up for you!

I don't post as a Fassinator as much as I'd like to but I visit FF every single day about ten times :) Good to hear you quit your job, they're not worthy!

See ya, cheers from The Netherlands,

Lex (Alexandra)

Simone said...

Redberry, although I am a woman on a budget, I still have my holiday needs. I pay for all my trips to LA and London by working full-time. My trip is Toronto is sponsored by a dear, dear friend. He lets me stay at his lovely big house, and he buys my tickets. I'm lucky in that regard.

I'm about the same complexion as Zoe, but 20 years older than her. ;)

@lex, glad to see that you are still around. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Simone, congrats on the new job & on extricating yourself from the hell hole - could it be the Fassy inFluence? re: your poll, absolutely yes. It's the only "fan" blog I read for its intelligence & integrity - things sorely missed in the "real" world. thanks & best of luck,

Redberry Crimson said...

oh wow Simone you are so so lucky!! please don't laugh at my stupid question but by 'dear friend with a big house' do you mean fassy? Are you secretly dating him ;)? I know you won't say it on your blog but I'm 98% convinced it could work out between you ;)

Eileen said...

Is he single by the way? Does Michael read this site?

Simone said...

@ beth, thank you dear, I'm glad FF continues to live up to your standards. xoxo

@ Red & Eileen - Michael doesn't live in Toronto, and I have no idea how often he has checked out FF. But, you never know. Probably people close to him scan all the fan sites once in a while.

Eileen said...

Thank you... Just curious

Jordan said...

Good for you Simone for quitting! I did a mini-happy jig for you. I quit a horrible job not too long ago myself.

And yes. I go straight to deviantart and look at Fassy pics such as McBender/Fassavoy etc. His face always brings color back into dull days.

Good luck with schooling Simone! It makes me feel better to know that a lot of you as obsessed with Fassy as I am is also having to stare at homework papers, pc screens and flashcards for hours on end for our self-inflicted taken classes. lol

Redberry Crimson said...

Simone you never said!!! is the dear friend fassy????? lol

Anonymous said...

as you may see, there much more then the 3 of us who is reading your updates (:

don't worry about not updating much, we all already appreciate the work you!

Simone said...

Thx Helennotes, I just uploaded the video. Enjoy. :-)