Monday, October 24, 2011

Michael Part II BFI - A Dangerous Method [Edited]

[More pics added below] Unlike the Venice festival, there were not many Michael and Viggo pictures. I'm like, WTF? Hello, that's why people want to see the movie! Well, the boys made up for it tonight at the BFI London Film Festival with the premiere of 'A Dangerous Method'. FF reader Lisa emailed me saying that she was down there to get her Fassy Fix, but the press hogged Michael's time. That sucks! Sorry Lisa, better luck next time girl!

 How much do YOU want to be in David Cronenberg's spot? My legs would give out under me.

 These pictures look like cute drivers license photos.

I started my new job today. I'm in shock, they are nice and educated people, and the work is NOT soul destroying! Yeah!

In these additional new photos from the red carpet of 'Method', it looks like from the photocall to the red carpet, Michael trimmed his hair. Very sharp! But no more scissors after this, I want
luxurious,wavy, ginger locks!

Fassy being Fassy!


dshultz said...

I would GIVE my legs to be in Cronenberg's spot.
Maybe just one. It'd be worth it, though.

tranquella said...

Oh nice, whats the new job Simone?

Dionne said...

Love the trim, but you're right let those ginger waves come back in! lol

Pauly said...

NOBODY rocks the 3 piece like this man does. DAMN!

Jordan said...

I want them long locks too! ;)