Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Upon viewing 'Shame', it has been announced that the Motion Picture Association of America gave it the NC-17 rating. Duh. Really? Did anyone expect anything less? I would have been shocked, and suspicious if Shame received the more multi-plex friendly R rating, but the NC-17 is appropriate for this film, and I hope Fox Searchlight lives up to their proud determination to promote Shame, shamelessly, and it not only garner much deserved awards season recognition, but go on to be the highest box office earning NC-17 film. I have been reading very informative articles about the plight of films being stamped with an NC-17 rating, and it's not necessarily the kiss of death. The NC-17 just does not allow people under 17 into the theater, that's all.

Why? Because of the sexuality depicted in the film. These are "adult" films, but it's all acting, no real sex, no real penetration, but the nudity is what needs to be kept away from the children - it will somehow, corrupt them {sarcasm}. People in X rated films go the next nasty level and very explicitly. The sex in Shame is used as a tool to get a physical fix in a very sad man's life, there's nothing pleasurable about it. But, sex is sex, and naked is naked according to the MPAA. The NC-17 rating will also limit the theater screens Shame can be seen on. Most people can count on one hand the theaters in their areas that are 'art houses' which will show Shame. So that's all the more reason for you to seek out these theaters, support them AND Shame!

For those Fassinators who live in regions where this type of film will never be played because of "moral values" and small town small mindedness, I wish you good luck in your journeys to do whatever you can to see Shame. You should try your hardest to have the theatrical experience with a group of film lovers who know what they are about to watch. If you can't, then I expect when Shame is out on DVD, it may have extras and other things that will make it worth the wait. December is not that far away, so you have time to plan if necessary. The amount of buzz that Shame and Michael's performance are generating is remarkable! I'm greatly impressed, and encouraged that it will be well received by the general public that will go to great lengths to see it.

One more thing, upon closer review of the release schedule above, it appears that Michael's other movie, 'Haywire', is under review to have the current 'R' rating changed. Will this be a PG-13 film if the rating is changed? The studios have the option to 'appeal' a rating if they deem it inaccurate, and as the MPAA rating list above shows, the R rating is being appealed.

Source: Box Office Mojo


Anonymous said...

Hi Simone! Do you know of a Fassy fanmail address?

Dionne said...

What NC-17? Nooo. Just kidding. This is good. They'll make NC-17 'sexy' again. No pun intended.
And I already have plans for a mini-road trip to see Shame when it comes out in December. Yay

Jordan said...

I'm happy for the rating! It means more mature audiences will see it and less "OMG HE IS NEKKID!" comments from the wimps.
It will allow the film to show its full potential.

@Anon, I know I'm not Simone, but I have sent him fan mail before with this address.
Michael Fassbender
Troika 3rd Floor
74 Clerkenwell Rd EC1M 5QA
London, United Kingdom

AND Do you guys know yet?! Brad Pitt has joined FassQueens "Tweleve Years A Slave" !!

Jordan said...

oh, right. link -> http://www.firstshowing.net/2011/brad-pitt-joining-impressive-cast-for-mcqueens-twelve-years-a-slave/

KATIE said...

Cool beans! I prefer it NC-17 as well. ;)

Pitt? Meh. Sorry, but he is a fame hog. I hope he is the jerk slaver. :X I'm kinda a jerk. lol