Friday, October 21, 2011

Shame is Shortlisted for Best Picture at BFI London

This is a short four minute interview from Sight and Sound magazine @ BFI with Steve and Michael talking about the mechanics of preparing and filming Shame.

The BFI London Film Festival is still going strong. It ends on 27 October, and its few awards will be given out on the 26th. 'Shame' is shortlisted on the Best Picture nominees list along with 'The Artist'. Michael's other film, 'A Dangerous Method' will screen on the 24th. If he's still in London, which I think  he is, he may hop down to the festival and present the film with the rest of the cast.

Meanwhile, here are a few more photos I found tonight from the premiere of Shame last week.

Photos by B Barnard

Thank you Hsiu C. for signing the Guestbook. I'm glad you agree about Michael's therapeutic qualities. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael will be promoting ADM during the LFF this Monday together with Cronenberg, Keira na Viggo. It was confirmed some time ago. So it's going to be more pictures, interviews, press conference and Q&A and all the goodies :)

I guess that he will also atend the awards ceremony night, since Shame is nominated.

And then Cronenberg is receiving BFI fellowship this year, so I guess it's a big possiblity that Michael will attend that ceremony as well. I'm not sure when it is, probably the clocing night.

Dionne said...

This is a great honor for FassQueen! Thanks Simone

F.FRANKLIN said...

Michael looks so tired...he deserves some long break for his non-stop hardwork.Anyways all the best for Shame and Michael.

pati said...

I only read new about MF in this blog.
It's very good. Kisses for everybody

KATIE said...

Excellent! Fassy and London are like PB&J.

Kate said...

Michael was wearing a Tom Ford suit at the Shame premiere and Tom Ford himself walked the carpet.

Who else is hoping for a Tom Ford ad campaign?

tranquella said...

ooh whats the new job simone?