Sunday, October 23, 2011

Was there hope at the end of Shame?

Michael at the NYFF

If you have seen Shame, at the very end, you wondered if he did or didn't? Was there hope for him. I hoped so, and here's what Michael has to say about the ending of Shame.

Michael Fassbender thinks his new movie 'Shame' is "hopeful".
The 34-year-old star plays the role of troubled sex addict Brandon in the film directed by Steve McQueen, and while the bleak nature of the project was potentially upsetting, he thinks there is a glimmer of hope because it proves addictions can be overcome.
He said: "I mean for me there's always hope. I think there's hope because you know, he's trying to deal with it. That's enough hope for me. If there's no hope, for me personally, what's the fucking point? We might as well all just give up.
"So that's the hope for me, he's struggling, he's trying. Whether he goes with her or he doesn't I don't know."
However the 'X-Men: First Class' actor found it easy to "dive" into the script of the film. He told BANG Showbiz: "I just dive into the script and find the person in the script and you ask a lot of questions, it's all kind of boring. It's just about relating the character back to yourself, asking honest questions to yourself and finding the characteristics and ticking the boxes. I don't know where the relation starts and ends but it's just about being honest with yourself."

Source:  Winnipeg Free Press


Alexi said...

I just finished watching abc's pilot of "Once Upon a Time" which is AMAZING btw, and it too is centered around Hope. (Fairy-tales ;))

But I agree with Fassy 100%

Hope is awesome.

dshultz said...

Hope is a funny thing. It's always there, we just need to reach for it. But as far as Shame is concerned, I'll have to wait till December.


NazOrs said...

I believe so. You see the resistance and he was quickly becoming aware of the destruction his addiction was causing.