Monday, October 3, 2011

Works of Art

Why would someone take such lovely pictures of Michael Fassbender... shirtless, mind... and put all that skanky watermark copyright crap all over it? Would you do that to a Botticelli? Hell no! So why on a Michael?

In protest, I'm posting all these dang pictures I found at Getty this evening (I haven't been there in over a month, oops), if these images exist sans the blasphemous marks, please let me know. OH, and Michael is coming to NYC, isn't that wonderful?

 This is just so wrong on images that look so right!

 Yeah, come and get me Getty watermark people!

Now imagine a Botticelli all messed up with watermarks. It would be, like, illegal.

The Birth of Venus (1485-1486) Sandro Botticelli

Guestbook signers: Thanks Tracy, I'm glad you enjoy FF! Rednebsaff, let's hope Michael gets the recognition we all believe he deserves! And Martin, have no shame brother, Michael has a gigantic male fan base (gay and straight) that just love him because he's awesome! I'm glad you're here! Thanks all!


giorgia 81 said...

'I fancy the fassy' has this images without them :) Yeah for Michael going to NYC and poor myself for living in Italy lol

Anonymous said...

It's hurting my eyes to see those photos.

F.FRANKLIN said...

simone,i really like that you inject personality in your posts especially in this one....and like giorgia said ,the website "i fancy the fassy" also had those images... check it out.

Simone said...

A direct link to those images at that massive website would be greatly appreciated, not just by me, but anyone else.

F.FRANKLIN said...

and Simone abot the Robocop remake .although its in the previous post..I feel Michael should decline the offer because if he does to many franchise projects he could lose the mature audience for his movies.for example Orlando Bloom,he did both LOTR and pirates,and now he seems to strugle to prove himself as an serious actor .just my opinion.I think Michael should just continue to do x-men movies as for the major studio fims and continue to do beautiful dramatic fims as his main priority

giorgia 81 said...

There you are, Simone:
I didn't find the first ones but I put this other link, not to bad at all

NazOrs said...

Not always, F. Franklin. It really depends on the blockbuster movie and the risk the actor is willing to take on it. Christian Bale made a great career decision when he signed on for the "Dark Knight" trilogy. Viggo Mortensen also starred in LOTR and he is a "serious" actor.

I'm sure RoboCop will go down the route that most remakes are taking these days (darker, grittier and more "realistic"). I still can't see how they'd remove the campy storyline though.

Speaking of X-men movies, the future of the series seems promising now that DVD sales have been very strong. I agree that he should stick with one blockbuster series also.

Kate said...

I think the first three are possibly the worst photographs of him that I've ever seen. They do no favors to his body or his face. They can just go away.