Sunday, November 13, 2011

DP/30 Interviews Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender

This is a 30 minute interview with Steve and Michael, and the really cool thing about this interview is that you see how close they are. It's like they're brothers! It's going to be a treat to see them work together many times in the future. (click subject title to read more)

(I learned a new blogger trick! Yeah me!) Anyway...
For those of you who read Fassinating Fassbender via your SmartPhone, can you please confirm to me if the image below is similar to what you see on your phone? I don't have a smartphone and I want to verify if the settings are correct. Thanks!


Dionne said...

Yes Simone the image is correct on the smart phone.
I love these two together, I see there's a lot of love between them. Now I want to know exactly what happened in Amsterdam??? ;)

Simone said...

Thanks for confirming that Dionne! Like with the article 'cut', I just learned that I could adjust how the blog is viewed on the smart phone.

The interview was great and it allowed us to learn that Michael and Steve knew each other much longer than most of us thought.

However they met in Amsterdam, I reckon they had a lot of fun!