Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting some opinions on Shame

Michael, your pants are unbutton. Let me help you with that.

I know that quite of few FF readers have seen Shame already, but you may not feel confident in writing up a review of the film. It's not easy, believe me, I know, so I understand when people don't share with me their reviews. So I'll make it easier for everyone. Here is a new simple poll, vote in it now, or wait a few weeks until you see it when it comes out.

If you visit tumblr, you will know that there was an explosion of new pictures of Michael from various photo calls and interviews throughout his California visit. They are all wonderful to look at, but it was even too much for me. It was distracting! LOL! I'm in the middle of writing a paper for my course after I get off work, I go to the library until 11pm, last night, and I will repeat it tonight, and when I'm stuck on a chapter and need to take a 3 minute mental break, I visit tumblr and there's MORE Fassbender images. Fun, but dang, too much. I want it spread out - I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Anyway, here's the poll and feel free to elaborate more by selecting 'comment' on the poll bar.


E said...

Im a little miffed... Why was Michael in Chicago?! AND most importantly, why didnt he call? :D

Anonymous said...

I had my Shame review in Chinese typed out one month ago after I watched it in NYFF and it was long. I am still on half way to convert it into English. It's just too long. I guess there is too much I want to say. In the meantime, all the Fassy goodies and my term papers, I'm swamped. I'll try to find time to get it done during Thanksgiving. And I'm glad that you set up the poll.

IMO,Michael's performance deserves an Oscar nomination. He definitely delivered the best performance of the year.