Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Haywire butt kicking action!

I hope someone who was able to attend the special secret screening of Haywire Sunday night can share their thoughts on the film. I can't wait to see it when it's released in January, it looks like Gina can be the next Angelina.

Here is a small article about how Michael feels about the fight scenes with Gina:

Fassbender: Fighting girl is fun
Michael Fassbender has revealed he enjoyed fighting with Gina Carano in Haywire.
The Shame star, who exchanged blows with the female actress in Steven Soderbergh's upcoming action thriller, admitted it was both fun and arduous, reported The Playlist.
"It was a lot of fun, and we shot it for two days, and I think after the second day I puked," he confessed at the AFI Fest.
"But I think that was a bug - I'm sure it had nothing to do with getting the shit kicked out of you by Gina Carano. But it was a lot of fun, and hats off to Gina."
Michael had no issues about getting beaten up by a female: "One of the first things Steven said to me was, how do you feel about getting your ass kicked by a woman? And I was like, it's funny you say that, because that is one of my fetishes.
"But it's nice to get to play out a scene like that, and to do it, blow for blow, and be allowed to do it all."
He also warned Ewan McGregor, who also had to trade blows with Gina.
"I said to Ewan, just run. I said, I can tell you from experience from my scene, where I get my ass kicked, just run," he joked.
Meanwhile, Gina revealed she relished every minute of it, saying: "I loved the fights."

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Dionne said...

I saw the Q&A for this really funny. Although I know Michael's end, I'll still see this for Gina. She seems like a strong female lead.

Thanks Simone for all you do! Don't let rude, ignorant people bring you to there level.


p.s. the crazy chick took someone's advice and took her crap to imbd. lmao

Simone said...

I think Gina is going to be awesome in Haywire. And yes, we know Michael's Paul gets taken care of by Gina, but it's all good fun.

Thanks for anti-stalker support Dionne! Poor IMDB, it's a cesspool for her type.

FacetiousMe said...


I'm curious on that particular IMDB thread, is "fassforward" really Perdygal in disguise? I hate IMDB message boards with a passion, but after further investigation, this may proves she is what I thought she was. http://www.imdb.com/user/ur20574088/boards/profile/. Bipolar.

I didn't know why I had to bother with that one in the previous comments. I felt compelled because her immature replies annoyed me to no end. Also, I sensed she was after Fassbender in a sort of stalker, (try using Twitter search for his wherabouts way), in her comments when she got extremely angry about the LACMA absence. It's so sad, because she's on her own on that one. Plus the "C" word is absolutely offensive and my least favorite curse word. (This is true James Lipton.) Lastly, it's just plainly moronic to put down Fassbender on a "fan" site. That is the part I did not get. If she was looking for people to back her, I don't think she would have received it here.

Simone, no problem. Thanks for what you do on this blog. As a fan, I appreciate the time you spend gathering all this information and sharing it with people like us. There aren't many thorough fansites- ones that have RSS feeds (such a lifesaver) and ones that are not Tumblr blogs. Don't get me started, that is another topic for another day. :P

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if there is a q & a for the afi fest showing of shame? or if mf is walking the red carpet?

it just seems if you are going to watch shame, then you can't hang out near the red carpet, because you have to line up for at least 1 hr ahead of time just to get in the theatre. the line for carnage on saturday was insane. afi fest is chaotic.

angelenos, any advice?

Anonymous said...

also: everyone enjoyed the lacma experience. and elvis mitchell was funny. he introduced the film by saying something about how it was a "cold LA evening" "but don't worry, if you are cold, in about two minutes you'll be feeling very warm." he also said something about enjoying michael fassbender, "all of michael fassbender."

Bellydancer said...

OMG this is the girl that got mad at his sister because she would not talk to her. Okay now I get it this chick is cray cray.

cecile chatelain said...

I hope that my text will not have too many mistakes. I find your blog, Simone is very interesting. I am French. I try to understand with my little knowledge of English. I find your work very well and very respectful. I think that's exactly how I imagine: like the talent of an actor.

Anonymous said...

It's a "Gala" premiere, so I reckon Fassbender has to do red carpet. I did see there was a Q&A with Steve McQueen, but no mention of Fassbender. That is going to be held at a lounge in the Central Courtyard of the Hollywood and Highland Center.

Simone said...


o_O are you serius? She's the one that stalked Michael's sister at her job? OMG! What have I done to invite that kind of crazy here? I knew she was from IMDB, but I didn't know she was THAT one.

Bellydancer said...

Yep that's her Simone and she got mad because someone reminded her of it recently (lol). Most of the people on there are okay but lately the crazies have invaded. I know the Fassman can get a girl all bothered but this chick is on another level one minute she likes him and then the next meh not so much. Take cray cray somewhere else. (lol)
I would love to here more about how Steve Mcqueen got started and his process about filmmaking, he seems so quiet and shy sometimes, well especially when Michael's around (lol)

Bling bling said...

She was also the one that rumOred Michael invited her to his hotel room last year!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you, anonymous, for the info on the q & a. i had questions for mr. mcqueen after watching the film, and i'm sure others did too.

but fellow angelenos, what is the recommended course of action here? if mf does red carpet, does he stop for fans? of course, mf interaction is a matter of luck as much as anything.

FacetiousMe said...

Wow. Everyone needs to issue a restraining order against Perdygal- not just this site, but the Fassbender family. Talk about bipolar and highly delusional which is the only big word she knows aside from the "c" word because she is a total example of both.

Simone, be weary of future attempts of this girl going as different aliases in order to profess her love/hate relationship with Fassbender. I'm over the hate. And if I hear that word one more time...

About the LACMA screening, I agree. Elvis Mitchell gave an awesome introduction. So funny. The LACMA screening had a great audience. I saw the usual crowd of Film Independent members, but there were a ton of new faces which was great. Fassy has a really great "man-fan" base! I noticed there was a lot of guy candy for the ladies! The crowd really laughed out loud to scenes in the first half of the movie. Sorry, if you're reading, stop now because of spoilers. Did anyone see that first date scene? OMG. I felt like that was my life right there. Including the interrupting waiter. My group was trying to pick out which scene would be the Oscar scene if nominated. I think the one at the very end will probably be used, although my friend suggests the end of the threesome scene where you could see some sort of transformed look on Brandon's face. Really? I couldn't tell of a transformation and I most certainly can't imagine this particular scene being used at the Oscars. That would be hilarious. They would have to blur out all sorts of private parts. LOL.

Dionne said...

Hey FF peeps, sorry to highjack this post. Simone, I agree with you and the other posters. This girl is so crazy, the depths of her delusions are infinte.

They always call her out on her inappropriatness but she never changes. She continually changes her names on imdb, and creates mutiple id's.
If you look through her history you will see the trail of a psychopath. Sometimes she'll post things about you, and everyone'll be like my god you're so jealous and delusional...

Here is what one poster on imdb said about her craziness

In what way is he overlooking his success? Why take it so personal that he didn't show up for an event that he was NEVER SUPPOSED to show up for?

Why don't you just be 'real' enough to admit what you did and said? You always play the VICTIM, always. I can't stand it! Obviously you agreed with your 'friend' enough to make a thread about it.

You called Michael a *beep* yes the c-word! You said that he couldn't act, the film was crap, etc. Not your friend or someone else, YOU. Being mad that you didn't get to meet him is one thing, but you crossed the line, like you've done so many times before. Therefore I refuse to let you play the victim in this game you play all to often. As soon as someone calls out your crap you're all "calm down", "it's not that serious", etc.

You have the adacity to go and complain and berate Simone from FF, on something out of her control. She doesn't control Michael or his actions. She told your delusional ass that he wasn't going to the Q&A, so you shouldn't have stood out there. Sorry, your "friend" shouldn't have stood out there.

Quit playing innocent, stop pretending to be harmless, and stop being an eternal victim.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - Leave it up to chance?

I know that's not a great answer. There may be a possibility he'll run out and do a few signings and photos when the fans scream for him on or off the red carpet. He seems to be pretty generous that way.

Become familiar with the entrances and try and see if you can make friends with security ahead of time and get all the facts. If you're TV and press, you pretty much have a guarantee. For fans, there's literally seconds for you to move in and swoop in for your autograph or photo and what not. Just know you won't have one minute or 5 minutes. You may have people pushing up against you in the process. Publicists will drag him around for pap photos and interviews. Being in the right spot is key. Things may go in your favor. Get there early. Earlier than an hour on this one. Traffic is horrible in LA any day during rush hour and it has been all week during AFI. Have a friend hold a spot for you in line as you try flagging him down for a photo or an autograph.

Simone said...

I appreciate everyone's patience as we approve comments as quickly as we can. But comments will continue to be moderated until I get a few more pair of hands and eyes on ship who can help with keeping the blog clean of stalker hate.

Thanks to those of you who are providing additional information about the person who verbally assaulted me and Michael. I have a fuller understanding of the depths of her delusions and it is disheartening that someone who is NOT a fan, is pretending to be one just to cause havoc and confusion at IMDB, and then come here as well. I have read some comments at IMDB directly and I see right through her. She is alone is all of this, she has no friends, she has multiple IDs (sock puppets) and too much time on her hands. I do not take this lightly and I'm sorry for the disruption this has caused. But with Michael still in LA and to be attending the Gala of Shame at AFI tonight, I will be online to cover it.

Let's try to move on from this saga and not write anymore about this disturbed person, this blog is all about Fassy! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I just discovered it by going on IMDB, there was a thread about this blog, I will agree that there are some rude people on there. I had someone tell me they didn't like my choices of girls I would like to see Fassy date, etc lol. I guess it was a sensitive subject for her.

Anyway I'm loving all of the Q & A's for his movies. Can't wait to see Haywire and Shame! I already told my boyfriend he has to take me to see them lol.