Friday, November 18, 2011

Michael Fassbender parties with GQ Magazine

Michael Fassbender last night in LA at the 16th Annual GQ 'Men of the Year' awards

So many people got their copy of the December issue of GQ with Michael Fassbender on the cover, so I figured my local Barnes & Noble had it as well. They did, but you know what, they had only 10 copies, and me being me, I performed a quick statistical analysis break down of the cover images within that meager sampling. My findings? Of the 10 issues, four had Timberlake & Fallon, three were of Jay-Z, two was the sexist cover of Mila, and only ONE was of Michael, and his issue was second from the last in the stack. So you can imagine my mini-horror as I flipped through the stack to find the Fassy cover. Whew! Well, I am now left to wonder, is Michael's cover only 10-15% of the issues out there? Granted this is the 4 issue series that has become popular for some magazines around special editions, but since he's the Breakout Star of the Year, sheesh, couldn't Ann Arbor have gotten two or three, instead of one? Now the poor sap who went to that store after me looking for the Fassy cover is shit out of luck, and that's too bad.

Oh well, anyway, a friend emailed me to inform me that she met Michael yesterday in Dallas, TX! He and Steve were there to meet with some critics and had a round table discussion about the film, and they had a viewing. She was most impressed with him, but she couldn't get fangirly or anything because she was there with her husband on film critics business mode, but she said that being in his presence for 40 minutes was a surprise and dream come true. And so apparently, it appears that after the Dallas event, he flew back to LA to participate in the 16th Annual GQ Men of the Year party. If you go to the Fassinating Fassbender tumblr, you'll see a few more photos. Everybody wants to take a picture with Fassbender now. Ha! Let's just hope Michael's bullshit detector has a supply of batteries because everyone will want to be next to him now.

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Dionne said...

Dallas, so close yet so far away. SMH. I'm so happy for Michael look at those ladies with Michael. He better watch out, I saw Kerry looking. LOL

Mindasari said...

Bullshit detector?lol.

And he shaved. How very fine*faint*

Another nice piece, Simone.

Veronica W. said...

I had the same difficulty with GQ magazine Simone! There was only 1 copy of Michael’s cover at the 3 stores I went to...I was picking up a copy for myself and for 2 friends. I wonder what the breakdown is for his cover? Also, on a complete side note, I wanted you to know that I’ve been working with and pushing/plugging Shame at the local art house theater in Baltimore, MD (most likely the only theater in Maryland who will get it) to release the film on December 2nd (rather than in January or February, which was their original release) and after weeks of back and forth - it’s happening! :-) How wonderful is that? Thanks for all your hard work Simone, it’s time the rest of us stepped up to support Michael Fassbender as well, so this is my little bit of support.

Simone said...

@ Dionne, I thought the same thing about Kerry. LOl!

@Mindasari, yes, Michael will need to have his bullshit detector fully charged at events like that. LOL! No, seriously.

@Veronica, thanks for confiming my supicions, that is scary that Michael's mag cover is in lower numbers in distribution! I would like other people from across the country to possibly confirm this in the coming days.

And congratulations on your persistence with the local theater in Baltimore to show Shame earlier! That's impressive! What is the name of that theater, I'll plug it big time as a reward? Again, your Fassinator spirit is shining through!

Veronica W. said...

Hello again Simone! Thanks for the recognition as a “Fassinator.” Does that mean I can officially call myself one now? I wasn’t sure I had earned the right!

Here’s the theater information:

The Charles Theater
1711 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Ph: 410.727.FILM

The theater just confirmed the official release date for Shame as December 16, 2011. Not as soon as they had initially told me, unfortunately, but apparently NY & LA get it for 2 weeks before everyone else.

It would be great to get a group of folks from Baltimore/Washington, DC and surrounding areas together to see the film as a group and show our Fassy pride!

Thanks in advance for the shout out. :-)

Dionne said...

@ Veronica congrats! You are a true Fassinator indeed!

Simone said...

Veronica, thanks for the information about The Charles Theater, what I would like to do is let people know which theaters around the country will be playing Shame, and you got the ball rolling with getting that theater to push up its date of showing Shame. That's no easy task and I will write an article about it.

Anyone can be a Fassinator, all they have to do is ♥ Fassy!

dshultz said...

Gaahh, he shaved! :( Michael will be sexy no matter what, but the scruff really does it for me.

FacetiousMe said...

I hate to mention those pop trash blogs, but according to Lainey Gossip's blog, there weren't many Getty images available for many of these entertainment/pop culture trash blogs to grab and post.

"GQ celebrated their Men Of The Year at a party at Chateau Marmont last night. There are, like, 80 thousand pictures of Justin Timberlake at the event.

You know how many of Michael Fassbender?

10 in Getty Images which is the largest photo agency with the most access.


Of those 10 photos, only 2 of them are stock. Which means the other 8 were taken by premium shooters with an added fee to publish. So I had to spend extra money on the two shots of him with Eli Roth and Rose McGowan and the rest are too expensive for my budget.

But this didn’t have to happen.

We could have, and should have, been looking at at least 2 dozen great images of Fassy at no additional cost. IF those photographers had bothered. Instead, they blew their jizz on the likes of JT and Jessica Biel who was also there and was photographed much, much, much more than Fassy.

On one hand, I think it's clever that Fassy has remained undetected by paps but on another, for being one of the "men of the hour" at this event, it's kind of disappointing that he was sort of overlooked by those photogs not to mention I had to surf through Tumblr to view most of his photos, and worked my browser really hard in skipping images of JT. UGH.

Dionne said...

@FacetiousMe I noticed that. I went Tumblr stalking to find the good ones. Like I mentioned before, the one's with the ladies and Eli Roth were hard to find. I just don't understand how you could break your neck to snap J.T. When a Irish/German ADONIS is right there. When Michael get's nominated for Shame(I hope) those same people are going to be rushing to get pics.

FacetiousMe said...

@Dionne - I can't wait for that. Those paps will be telling JT and Biel to get out of the way so they can get their Fassy money shot. :)

Simone said...

@Facetious Me, the "pop trash blogs", I'm glad someone else feels the same way about them like I do. The Getty images photographers are after ONE thing only, and that's money. They take photos at these events to sell to "pop trash tabloids", and sadly, many photos of Timberlake will sell for more money that photos of Fassbender. That's the economics of the situation. I think it sucks too, but the photographers don't know any better, they are blinded by $$ signs and like Pavlov's dogs, just sniff out the people who will pay their mortgage.

for the time being, I'm trying to enjoy the last remaining weeks/months that Fassbender is still under the radar for most of celeb gossip and images, he's not like the rest of them and I want him to remain a special kind of talent whose image is not whored for whoring's sake.

FacetiousMe said...

@Simone - That last part...I was thinking the same thing. :)

Even though I want Fassbender to reach success in his film career and critical mass appeal, I do appreciate the fact that he isn't subjected to a type of Pattinson fame hysteria and that I can still follow his work without gravitating toward being a celebrity junkie. I hope it doesn't worsen as he is nearly there at the A-list.

I was just a little perturbed to see so many JT red carpet photos (I don't get it. Friends With Benefits was a terrible film) and perhaps 2% of those photos being Michael or Michael with other actors. Fassy seemed to be enjoying himself at the party and I thought that was exciting to see, but alas- Fassy was overshadowed by the Timberlake show. Typical JT. Always taking the spotlight to prove he has an actual shot being a respected actor. :P

Anonymous said...

According to eonline, "X-Men hottie Michael Fassbender smoked a cigar as he walked through the party with his arm around the waist of his Shame costar NICOLE BEHARIE."

Simone said...

Thanks anon, but of course, they would write about that wouldn't they? He has his hands around a lot of people in different photos... anyhoo...

Nicole is gorgeous and they would make a beautiful couple. That's all the gossip talk I'll say on that.

Nina said...

Your very welcome Simone really enjoy reading all the articles on Michael.

Anonymous said...

you guys got lucky. I have been to more than ten different magazine stores, here in Montreal (Canada). The only covers they had was Mila Kunis and JT/Fallon. No Fassy and not even Jay-Z...*sigh*

Simone said...

OMG! that's horrible! If I find another one, I'll buy it as insurance back up for you or anyone else who is having trouble finding one. Keep us posted if you still need to find one.

Anonymous said...

Yes it sucks. Big time. That being said there's a new interview in NYmag if you haven't seen it.... Here: It's going to be on print too.

Simone said...

About dang time! I have a subscription to NY mag and I've been waiting for them to finally write an article on Michael. thanks!