Monday, November 7, 2011

Michael is in Los Angeles

Michael Fassbender made a surprise appearance at the surprise screening at the AFI Film Festival of the Steven Soderbergh movie, Haywire! If you were one of the wise ones who snapped up a free ticket and went for the hell of it, Christmas came early for you! Now that Michael is in LA, will he show up at LACMA tonight, and again at AFI on Wednesday night for the Shame screenings? Stay tuned. If there's ever a town that Fassy should show his face at the beginning of awards season is Los Angeles. I'm glad he was able to make it!

With Michael's extremely high profile now, I'm sure the Haywire people are ecstatic that he was able to attend the special surprise screening last night. And to the mean person who want to call Michael names because it is not clear what his schedule is for LACMA, you have to understand that celebrities are not always in charge of their schedules and when and where they have to be. Other people, whom are called managers and agents, create celebrity itineraries and make the decision as to which events they must attend.


Anonymous said...

the haywire screening was secret and tix weren't really announced till yesterday...well, it just shows this stuff is impossible to plan for!

i was at afi fest over the weekend and it was total chaos in terms of lines, parking, traffic. and of course i didn't know about haywire! ugh!

will he show up at lacma?? suspense.

Simone said...

The people who attended Haywire last night must feel like they won the lottery. I know it was all last minute and I'm excited for all who were able to see Fassy in the flesh. I hope he does show up for LACMA, at least for my friend MLM who would be greatly rewarded for her patience in going with the flow.

It's not easy being a Fassinator, you just have to plan, be flexible, open minded, and let the cards fall as they will.

Good luck to you tonight! :-)

Innes said...

Im exciting about this movie.
anyway he looks like Christian Bale on 1st foto

F.FRANKLIN said...

im a male(straight) and i havent met michael before ...but i long too meet him and get an autograph..i really admire his acting skills especially in hunger i wish i could tell that to him in person one day.i can still remember the thin michael in hunger.. i only felt that feeling and admiration toward an actor only twice before this(meryl streep and daniel day lewis)....these two actors ignite in me to act and michael seem to that too...maybe when i finish my degree ,i would try my luck in broadway....

F.FRANKLIN said...

and simone ignore those haters....dont waste your time and energy on them...simone here is the link to shame's french poster..

Simone said...

Thanks F.Franklin!

Perdygal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
FacetiousMe said...

Perdygal- I don't understand why you keep expressing your bitterness on Fassbender when this is a fansite. You know... fansite, as in "website for fans"? Are you even a fan? I don't get it.
Just tell me your bipolar, then maybe I'll understand.

And I don't get why you have such animosity towards people that obviously take the time to do all this stuff on this site.

Yeah, he didn't show up at LACMA, so what? Do you think that's the only reason why people went to that event? I went knowing he wasn't going to be there. I've been part of Film Independent for 5 years and that event wasn't put on for stalkers like yourself. This was an exclusive screening part of a series, geared towards movie buffs, film industry people, which obviously you are not considering you can't even begin to appreciate Shame. Yeah, not everyone may like it or have some moral issues with it, but they should recognize the worth of having a film like this and the performance Fassbender gave. It is a brave role and the film is definitely not your average, run of the mill film.

Fassbender will be at the AFI Fest Gala on Wednesday, if you feel so inclined to continue to get your stalker on. Go ahead. I can't wait to see an unfortunate looking girl getting pulled away by security on the red carpet because she asked Michael Fassbender to have sex with her. Then when he says, "No" and summons for security, she calls him the four letter "C" word she knows best, because really it's just her knee-jerk reaction, a defense mechanism if you will. When people reject her, everyone is a "cunt". This all goes back to something in your adolescence. I swear therapy can help you. P.S. Watch A Dangerous Method.

Seriously, if you hated Fassbender that much, I wouldn't have chosen such an insipid word like "cunt". It just proves how trite and limited your vocabulary really is.

Sorry , Perdygal, but that is not pretty at all. Your comments are ugly. And your attitude is too.

If you just want to mess with people, go on IMDB. There's so much more banter to work with there. And with people who have the same 9th grade vocabulary as you.

Simone said...

Perdystalker, I'm so glad you missed out on seeing Michael last night, I highly doubt you sold your tickets.

I removed your comments only because they were offensive to a regular reader. Due to Facetiousme's slap back at you, I will leave the comment up so that people can see that pathetic stalker creature that you are. All future comments from you will be removed. You're not welcomed at this site as this is is a blog for FANS, not deranged, spiteful, ugly, harmful and poisonous people like you. Have you wondered if the decision to not attend may have something to do with your venom? A LOT of people read Fassinating Fassbender!

Thank you FacetiousMe for defending Michael and the blog!