Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New York Magazine interviews Michael

Michael Fassbender in NY magazine. Photo: Brigitte Lacombe

While living in Manhattan ten years ago, I had a subscription to New York magazine, and I have maintained this subscription ever since. I love this magazine as it keeps me mentally in NYC. So when Michael was in town for the NY Film Festival and with both of his movies coming out, I knew NY magazine would feature him, and they finally did. The interview is online and it will be in the magazine too. Here is one comment from the interview that I like:

Is there an irony to how the rating might make the movie seem more sexually titillating than it actually is?
It’s all good publicity, man. News is news. But like you said, I think it’s a very confusing message to be sending out as a censorship board. It’s like, “Oh, there’s a penis in this film?” Yeah, and some of us have them and most of the rest have seen them, so what’s the big deal? Women can parade around naked all the time, but the guy conveniently has his pants on. I remember my mom always complaining about that to me, saying, “This is such bullshit, it’s always the women who are naked.” So I did this one for you, Mom!

Source: New York magazine

Are you going to see 'A Dangerous Method' this weekend? If so, tell us what you think of it.
An article on Prometheus is featured in the Dec 2nd Entertainment Weekly (I got a subscription to this magazine too! Bingo!) but I will not read the article yet which has been scanned by mediocrechick at ONTD!  you can read it at this link, and here is one of the images from the article that includes Michael as 'David' the artificial person. Sometimes I just prefer to wait and read the magazine article when I get it in my hands, especially after I paid for the subscription. This is a true practice of patience.


Assbender said...

But the guy conveniently has his pants on? Yeah, a prime example of this type of thing was in Oliver Stone's Alexander. Rosario Dawson is butt naked, writhing around like a devil-possessed harpy while Colin Farrell just sits there with pants on for the majority of the scene.

But you know what, I don't blame film makers for this double standard. I blame the actresses you continue to barter with onscreen nudity.

Simone said...
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Simone said...

You're 100% right, but I think actresses are 50% responsible for proliferation and visual downgrading of female nudity. When I say downgrading, I mean that the value of the human female nude form has been devalued and objectified to 'dime a dozen' status. I recall that scene from 'Alexander' and many other films.

The scene in 'The Devil's Advocate' is one that makes me tear my hair out. Connie Nielson is butt ass naked, offering her womb to fully clothed Keanu Reeves, so he can impregnant her with the Anti-Christ while their demonic father Al Pacino looks on encouragingly.

I can write four thesis' on this shit, but it is what it is and actress and all too willingly helped male directors, producers and studio heads on making female nudity the norm, and that's a shame... all for fame and a paycheck in most cases.

I applaud Michael Fassbender for doing what he did in Shame, and I hope it just helps open the door for more actors to feel mature and confident enough to do the same in the future.

Anonymous said...

As you probably know the french premiere of Shame took place yesterday in Paris. Here is a link I found : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xmio0u_michael-fassbender-a-paris-avant-premiere-shame_shortfilms

Hope you enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Chantix, Michael. Stop being a slave to the cigarette.