Friday, November 4, 2011

No Shame Q&A in LA

I just received an email from a person who posts anonymously here at FF and he/she said that they emailed the LACMA to confirm if there will be a Q&A at the Shame screening this Monday, November 7th, here is the response they shared with me:
 "At present, there will be no Q&A for the 7 Nov screening of SHAME.  

So as you can see, currently there is no Q&A scheduled, and seeing that this is Friday, I do not think chances are good for an appearance by Michael Fassbender at the event. Think about it, if he were to fly all the way to Los Angeles from Europe/Germany, surely he'll be available to answer a few questions. Right? 

Well, for those of you attending, I hope you are still planning on going and enjoy the film as much as I did. I look forward to reports afterwards if anyone wants to share. If anything changes, I will be happy to let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks 'M'.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed Shame and A Dangerous method are both playing at the Ljubljana International Film Festival and Stockholm International Film Festival which starts next week well through the week of November 14th. (Sorry I'm a film fest nut.) I feel like those are more prestigious than the LACMA and AFI Fest screenings. Otherwise, we would have heard that Fassbender and McQueen would be scheduled to make their rounds on the red carpet for AFI Fest on Wednesday. Who knows? Maybe there is a "doppelbender" or "Fass-gänger" out there. Okay, just read that last one again, that sounds pretty bad. Sorry.

MLM said...

I was getting all psyched up for Fassy's appearance at LACMA and was fussing over what to wear and how to approach him, but alas it shall not be this time. I am looking forward to the seeing "Shame" nevertheless and will report on my impressions.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree if he was scheduled to appear at afi fest it would have been announced already.

but my fellow angelenos, i hope we'll get more chances to see him in the future.

perdygal said...
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Anonymous said...

Fassy just appeared at the AFI secret screening of Haywire tonight for a Q&A. (Photo is here: I think AFI festivities may be the reason why Fassbender and McQueen can't do a LACMA Q&A. But you never know. Don't rule anything out.

Simone said...
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Perdygal said...
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Simone said...

You're insane and rude perdygal. The post simply says there will be no Q&A per the email that was shared with me. No one asked you to go off the handle and call Michael names because YOU spent $100 for the Shame LACMA screening. You have embarrassed yourself. Don't visit the blog anymore if you think that I'm crazy, you dear have clearly proven that you're not stable. I really hope you don't have close access to Michael, he doesn't need fans like you. To refer to him with the name you used is inexcusable.