Friday, November 4, 2011


I found these pictures earlier in the week of Michael during his filming of 'Shame' back in March. There is just four more weeks until it is released in limited cities (ie. LA and NY) for starters. I can't wait to see it again when it comes to Ann Arbor, or if I have to drive to Royal Oak, so be it.

My plans are coming along for my London trip, and I'm looking forward to meeting Lisa, an English Fassinator for dinner and a movie! I booked my spa appointment and hotel, so the countdown begins for my December 14-18th visit!

Thank you to Mindasari for your most kind guestbook entry. I'm so happy you appreciate my efforts of keeping FF nonsense free. And a special note to Corbin who made the first and only comment entry in the longstanding demographics poll. Just click on the 'view votes' and you'll see that there is one comment to read. He posted it a few weeks ago, and what I would like to say Corbin is that I definitely pride myself in maintaining a blog that is for ALL fans of Michael. And I am especially welcoming to male fans, and gay fans. If you really look at the breakdown of the numbers between the genders, the guys represent 12% of the vote, and that's better than I had expected. We're all here for the same thing, so don't be shy in expressing yourself like the few notable male commenters have been doing thus far. Anyway, thanks for posting your comment there and raising a good question.


F.FRANKLIN said...

i guess i'm one of the male fan of michael on this website...i'm glad there are other straight and gay fans here celebrating michael's talent

F.FRANKLIN said...

and thanks to Simone for thinking of the male visitors of the blog when posting posts!!great job Simone!!

Mindasari said...

What is this?? My name and Michael's in the same post??
You just made my day, Simone!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Great post! :) these pics are amazing *gasps* I'm so glad I found this site. You really are a dedicated fan for all of us :)

Emmy said...

Simone, I will have the great opportunity and chance to meet Michael during the 'Shame' premiere in Paris (22/11/11).
I'm so happy !!! I'm so lucky to be in Paris !!! It's one of my biggest dream come true xD (sorry for my english ^^).
I can't explain you my happiness right now, I'm speechless LOL.

I will be very happy to share some GOOD quality photos (If I can get some ^^) and my experience with you ;).

I'm so exciteeed !!!!! ^^

Simone said...

@F.Franklin - I'm an equal opportunity blogger, I'm always thinking about my boys who visit. xoxo

@Mindasari - Hey, I'm glad my small gesture made your day!

@ Rainy days - Oh yes, I'm a dedicated fan, it's fun being a Fassinator. I'm glad you found us too! xoxo

@ Emmy - good luck girl, I hope you get some great pictures and a kiss from Fassy!

Emmy said...

Thanks =)

dshultz said...

Michael is sooooooo sexy when he's angry. Then again, he's always sexy, isn't he? Love the pics!