Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shame Paris Premiere [edited]

[ETA]: FF reader Emmy from France was lucky to attend the Paris 'Shame' premiere the other day and is kind to share her fantastic experience with us. If you read the comment section of this entry, you will find her post. For reader convenience, I am posting a link to her website where you will find her lovely pictures, and 3 great videos! At the website, the text is in French, so definitely read her comments here. Congratulations Emmy on hanging out with Michael and enjoying Shame and having a ONCE in a lifetime experience! Merci!

Michael Fassbender, Steve McQueen, and Nicole Beharie were all in attendance last night for the Paris premiere of 'Shame'. It's really too bad that Carey Mulligan has been down in Australia all this time filming the Great Gatsby, preventing her from attending just one premiere. People would have loved to seen her there.


dshultz said...

I think I like the French's Shame posters better than the U.S. ones.

Ariel said...

I saw today for the first time the trailer in a Paris theatre... very intense ! 7/12/11 is the day ! I can't wait !!

Ariel said...

I'm so sad I didn't know about the Paris premiere!!! I could have seen him!!!

cecile chatelain said...

yesterday I attended the premiere and I could see the film crew at the end of the film. This movie really touched me. nudity is not shocking. It is aesthetically very well filmed. this film is touching a part of humanity and opens the door to our impr├ęciation. I appreciate that

F.FRANKLIN said...

i need to meet michael just once before i need an autograph.....hope i will have my chance one day :)
and simone the untitled ampire film with tilda it for real..because michael never even for once talked about it

Jacob said...

his pants especially on the crotch is not tailored properly..but his personality and smile covers for it..that man has a contagious smile and can act too

emmy said...

Hey guys ! So I'm a total fassinator who live in Paris, so I had the wonderful opportunity to see Shame and especially to meet Michael the 22th of November at the Shame Paris Premiere. Actually, I'd love to tell you every single detail of that incredible evening but as you can see my English is not very fluent at all ^^.

So, I had the amazing opportunity to pose with Michael. So I finally got my own photo with Fassy !!!!! =) You can't imagine my feelings right now ^^. After this I finally saw Shame. Shame is a powerful movie with powerful acting performances and a powerful directing. I cried 2 times during the film. It's a movie very intense. The soundtrack is amazing. Carey and Michael are INCREDIBLE and so intense !!! Michael MUST have a nomination for the Oscars at least !!!! I think the one problem of the movie is that the movie is not explicit about Brandon's psychological troubles (the source of this) ...
Brandon is a very daring role !!!
After crying so much, I had the incredible chance to participate in a cocktail with Steve, Michael and Nicole Beharie. The cocktail was fantastic. While I was posing with the Shame Poster, Nicole came to me and posed with me. That's was hilarious and so funny. After this I posed with her a second time. She is adorable :) ! And I must say that Michael and Nicole was very close during the Premiere and the Cocktail :))).
But the most incredible and amazing thing, was that I saw Michael drunk ^^. He is so relaxed but especially so CUTE (OMG) when he is drunk ^^.
He was talking with people around him (some of his fans for example...). Just before he left the cocktail, I had the amazing courage (it was very difficult for me because I'm very shy ^^ but I had a feeling I would regret it if I didn't.) to talk to him. I just said out loud "Michael" and he immediately turn back, came to me, and shook my hand. I told him that he has turkish fans too and to come to Turkey as well. (I'm french and Turkish). He said to me "Okay, that's fantastic" and smile to me with his BIG smile, I did the same and that's all ^^.

I have a wonderful, a magical day with Fassy ^^. That was amazing.
It's something I would never forget for sure LOL.

If you have some questions about this, you can ask me and I will try to answer you with my best :).

You can see my pictures of the Premiere, my photo with Fassy and 3videos of the evenement on my french blog:


Emmy said...

I forgat to precise that Michael is sooo nice with his fans. He is incredible with his fans but I'm sure you already know this ^^.

Emmy said...

Sorry, I also forgat to tell that I had his autograph on my Jane Eyre DVD as well ^^. I will post this photo on my tumblr:

Simone said...

Emmy, Wow, just WOW!!! When you emailed me about this, I had no idea the extent to your meeting with Michael. This is incredible, I'm so impressed and happy for you!

Please, tell us about how you got invited to the cocktail party with the Shame group? That's incredible!

For the convenience of FF readers, I'm going to edit this blog article to highlight your comment and direct people to your blog and pictures, ok? Merci! xoxo

Emmy said...

Oh thank you Simone =))

'Please, tell us about how you got invited to the cocktail party with the Shame group?'

Indeed, it was a 14 screen cinema and apparently Shame was showed in 3 screens:
One for the first screening at 8PM
The Second for the second screening at 8:30 PM
and the third for the guests.

I had with my mum 2 tickets for the screening at 8 PM. But suddenly, at 7 PM, everybody began to leave the red carpet and began to take their place in the screen. I didn't understand what's happening so I asked to a staff whos was in charged with the press and she said to me that I could wait here to see Michael and Steve but that they are going to come later and so I had to choose to see Michael in person or to watch the movie.
I definitely chose Michael of course.
While we were waiting them, another person in charge came toward us and said to us that there were still tickets for the screening at 8:30 PM. And she also said that we can see Michael & Steve and after to go to see the movie. I was very glad to learn that I will be able to meet Michael and to see Shame.
At 8:40 PM, Michael, Steve and Nicole showed up. There weren't too much fans waiting because there were many fans who didn't understand and took their place for the first screening.
I had my photo with Fassy and autograph and with my mum we go to the screening (which was delayed like 20/25 mins)
After seeing the movie, a person in charge came and said to us that the crew were not able to come here to talk about the movie (while in the first screening (at 8 PM) the crew were present to talk about the movie at the end of the film.) but the staff invited us to join the guests in a cocktail party involving the Shame group as well (and certainly because we were few in this screening.)
That's how me and my mum join them at the cocktail party with the Shame group ^^.

WOW that was difficult to explain this in English lol.

Emmy said...

Indeed, we were awarded for being patient LOL.
And we were very few in this (2nd)screening ^^

Dionne said...

I read about the fan encounter on her blog using Google translator! Very nice, Emmy! Michael always seems so nice and generous to his fans. I'm so happy for you!

Emmy said...

Thanks Dione =))

Mindasari said...

Hi Emmy, wow! You're so very lucky and I could only imagine the excitement!
And watching Shame with your mom? Now that's just epic :)

Nina said...

Congratulations Emmy on meeting Michael and thank you for sharing this wonderful encounter with us.

Also do not worry about your English it is very good.

Emmy said...

Thank youuu =) And it was my pleasure ;)