Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why is Michael always Smiling?

In an interview posted at Maclean's, David Cronenberg spoke about Michael and how the guy is always smiling. “He’s just so perky, it drives you crazy. One day I found him standing out in the sun in his costume and makeup, with this big smile. I said, ‘Michael, why are you smiling like that?’ He said, ‘I don’t know . . . life.’ I said, ‘It’s so irritating that you’re happy all the time.’ ”

This is why so many fans of Michael Fassbender adore him, he really is a nice, happy, cool guy. He loves life, he loves his life, and so he's going to show that crazy sharky contagious grin every time and anytime he can. Such a good attitude towards life is not the hallmark of a man that would have a bad bone in his body. So when you read false rumors and nasty old gossip that just won't die because some misguided sad soul wants to exaggerate things, just look at a smiling picture of Michael and read all the good things that reputable sources (friends and fans alike) say about Michael, and the little ugly things are quickly diminished.
I had a few worries the other day that were going to cramp my style a little as I prepare for my much needed quick getaway to London in just two short weeks. A Black Friday car mechanic visit put a nasty unexpected dent in my bank account and messed with some of my London fun money dammit. But, my car runs fine now. I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I was able to snag, with the help of Fassinator Lisa, to get our tickets to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the National Gallery on 17 December. Advance purchase tickets are all SOLD out. We got the last two tickets for the 8:30pm viewing, the night before I leave. Talk about being lucky! I cannot express how excited I am to see this exhibit as I am a huge museum patron and I love the history of Da Vinci and greatly appreciate his contributions to mankind's culture. So it really is an honor to be able to go to London at the same time this ONCE in a lifetime exhibit will be on display. If you aren't able to attend, you will not be able to ever experience seeing such a wide display of most of his art in one place.
And earlier in that day, Lisa and I will go to Hackney to check out the Hackney Picturehouse. I'm excited she has decided to go with me as it will be a lot of fun to visit the area that Michael not only calls home, but a new entertainment venue that he will be supporting. Here are a few images of the inside of the Picturehouse, and you better believe, I will pose for a photo on the very sofa that Fassy sat down in. LOL! That'll be fun.
 We will watch a film.
 Grab a bite to eat.
 I love the ceiling. Got to get a picture of that!
 Have a seat, chill, take a photo.
 Shove one or two of these in my mouth!

Sources: Macleans & Timeout


pati said...

I liked too much that you said about michael. He is always happy.

emmy said...

I agree ! Michael is always happy and smiling ! It's not irritating at all, on the contrary it's so contagious LOL.
I love so much his BIG SMILE ! And as you said, that's why we love him =).

Dionne said...

I can totally picture Michael just smiling for no reason. ^^ LOL. That's our shark!

I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip Simone.

emmy said...

I've just heard some rumors that Michael is one of the favorite actor to become the new Batman, after Bale. What do you think about this ?

I definitly prefer to see him as a bad character as the Joker, Bane, two-face, The ridler ... than batman ... :/
I wished to see him as the Joker, but since, Heath Ledger played him recently and perfectly, that's not possible. BUT I would like to see him as the Ridler, or two-face. He would be perfect since I love him when he plays bad guys :p. But as batman, no, I don't like very much the idea .... :/

Simone said...

No, I have not heard about Michael playing Batman. what you may be hearing is that Michael may replace Christian Bale in Darren Aronfsky's 'Noah' film because Bale pulled out.

It's nice seeing Michael's name come up almost immediately in this type of film news update. Stay tuned...

emmy said...

I heard the one with Darren Aronofsky, but I also heard the rumors about Michael replacing Bale as Batman ...
The rumors said that The Dark Night Rises is the last Batman of Bale, and that he can be replaced by Michael, Ryan Gosling, Michael C. Hall (alias Dexter), or Alexandre Skarsgaard (True Blood star).

And I totally agree with you. It's wonderful to see that Michael is in every mind, that he is everywhere LOL.

Dr. Mindy Melonchest said...

Why is Michael Fassbender always Smiling? Probably because of the fact that he has an enormous cock.