Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Best Films of 2011 by Roger Ebert

Shame #2

Michael Fassbender's brave, uncompromising performance is at the center of Steve McQueen's merciless film about sex addiction. He's a loner with a good job, who avoids relationships because of his obsession with sex. He is driven to experience multiple orgasms every day. His shame is masked in privacy. He wants no witnesses to his hookers, his pornography, his masturbation. Does he fear he is incapable of ordinary human contact?

There isn't the slightest suggestion he experiences pleasure. Sex is his cross to bear. The film opens with a close-up of Fassbender's face showing pain, grief and anger. His character is having an orgasm. He is enduring a sexual function that has long since stopped giving him any pleasure and is self-abuse in the most profound way.

Carey Mulligan co-stars as his sister. She is as passionate and uninhibited as he is the opposite. She needs him desperately. He fears need. He flies at her in a rage, telling her to get out. She has nowhere to go. He doesn't care. Childhood has damaged them. "Shame" is a great act of filmmaking and acting. I don't believe I would be able to see it twice.

This is a great honor from Roger Ebert, you hear that critics? Learn from "The Critic", this man knows greatness when he sees it!


Anonymous said...

That's great, Roger Ebert is a well respected critic. Other critics should take note!

dshultz said...

Ebert is the fucking MAN! No wonder I only ever read his reviews, he knows what he's talking about. He is a beacon of intelligence.