Monday, December 5, 2011

Hackney Picturehouse

This just posted at Twitter @HackneyPH their in-house magazine with Michael on the cover - an article on Shame. I'm so getting a few of these in less than two weeks! Lisa, we are sooooo there!

Next week is going to be crazy with some top organizations announcing nominations:
  1. Los Angeles Film Critics Association - Dec 11
  2. Broadcast Film Critics Association - Dec 13
  3. Screen Actors Guild - Dec 14
  4. Golden Globes - Dec 15

I will be heading to London on the evening of Dec 12th and the computer will be the furthest thing from my mind, so Chele Belle and Dionne will be providing coverage during these hot few days in my absence, but, I will try to poke my head in here when I get the chance.


Dionne said...

Have a safe, happy, and relaxing trip Simone! Don't worry about a thing. ;)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You will have such a great time in London :D

dshultz said...

He's got to be nominated for all four of those organizations, it would be a crime not to do so. In my opinion, the only reason the big award shows would not nominate him is because they think they can get away with it because he is an "art house" actor and Shame is an art house film, but as soon as he breaks into the fore, they're going to regret it. But I hope none of that happens.

Dr. Mindy Melonchest said...

Michael will definitely get nominated for a Golden Globe and I think he may even win but those goddamned Oscars...I dunno.

Lisa said...

I promise I will take good care of Simone for you all (...on Saturday at least), ...will also be making sure she doesn't overstay her welcome in Hackney! LOL Looking forward to it hun! :D

Dionne said...

@Lisa LOL, you all be safe.

Simone said...

Ha! Lisa! We'll both be looking out for each other, encouraging, and keeping in check. LOL!

Can't wait to check out the Broadway Market too! :D

MLM said...

Simone, have a great trip to London. A well earned vacation from work, writing papers, and blogging, I'm sure of it.

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Simone said...

Thank you MLM! I will make a note to visit La Fromagerie! xoxo