Monday, December 19, 2011

Michael Nabs Another Critics Award

Hi everyone! I'm glad to be back home after a very nice visit to London. I come back in time to celebrate Michael winning yet another Best Actor critical award from the Florida Film Critics! He deserves to be recognized by as many independent regional critics as possible because it has been proven this will be a neck to neck race to Oscar. All top three guys have won critical acclaim: Clooney, Pitt, and Fassbender. However, a few have gone to Michael Shannon, and I think Jean Dujardin won one. Anyway, while I was away, I did not go near a computer. I thought I would get an itching to check up on things, but I really needed a break from all things Fassy and the cyberworld as a whole, and it was good detoxing. However, I learned from Lisa when I met up with her on Saturday, that Michael was nominated for the Golden Globes, which is brilliant and I expected him to be nominated. But shockingly, the SAGs snubbed him in a big way - so big, that I'm embarrassed for SAG. I mean, come the fuck on. Really? And that's all I'll say on this old news. Needless to say, SAG has given me permission to not give a damn about their broadcast this year. Thanks dumb asses!

Detroit, Houston, and Miami recently voted that Michael is the Best Actor.
I am so proud of my hometown Detroit where the Detroit Film Critics Society honored both Michael and Carey Mulligan for best actor and actress! This is the first group to recognize both stars of Shame, and to know that this group represents my area, really makes me happy for Michael and Carey. There have been comments made in various places which claim that beyond the NYFCC, NBR, and LAFCA, that the other piddly critics group's nominations and winners don't mean much. I say bullshit they don't! Although groups like Boston, Houston, and Detroit, for instance, do not have the cred of the top three, all of these winnings account for something and are being watched by the powers that be, and they are being used in For Your Consideration ads, and other marketing tools to support actors/actresses and films in the race for Oscar. So the wins in Houston, and Detroit and Miami, etc., are encouraging for Michael. So don't let the SAG Snub bum you out, I still strongly believe that Michael has enough momentum behind him to secure an Oscar nomination next month. Mark my words!

I write this blog article tired beyond belief. I'm so tired, I feel sorry for me. But, I wanted to write something to let you guys know my thoughts about the Fassy stuff from last week, as well as to write a little about my London trip. Firstly, I would like to thank Chele Belle and Dionne for doing such a great job in keeping FF updated with all that information from last week. Secondly, I would like to thank Lisa and Trang for meeting up with me on Saturday for a nice day out in Hackney. I had other friends and other activities on my itinerary for the first three days, but Saturday was a nice unique treat. Why? Well, I met two really cool people who I never would have met had it not been for this blog. They read it, learned about my visit to London, and we made arrangements to meet up. That is the power of this fandom - to meet fellow fans and enjoy some time with them and learn about other things you have in common with them. I look forward to hanging out with them again when I visit England.

The Hackney Picturehouse is a very cool place - I wish we had one like it here in Ann Arbor. We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and then took some pictures of the theater. We also sat and drank some delicious chai tea lattes and desserts (but they weren't serving those popcorn cupcakes dang it). I will post some pictures later this week of the picture house and Hackney (pssst, we walked down the street where that video skit of Michael being harassed by those two guys dressed like '300' extras). All in all, a fabulous trip to London, but exhausting as all get out and that is why I'm so damn tired.

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Lisa said...

Hi Simone,
I just want to say how lovely it was to meet both you and Trang. I’m so pleased you enjoyed Saturday…we packed a lot in, but it was all good! Also, I want to apologise for heading home with all of Violet’s lovely macaroons - that wasn’t my intention! (Honest!)

Simone said...

Hey Lisa, I thought of the macaroons while I was on the plane and wanted a snack, then I remembered...

You took them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! xoxo

Dionne said...

Great having you back Simone!