Thursday, December 8, 2011

There's Something Different About Michael

"I fell in love with the cocky bastard, and I thought to myself, What the fuck is he doing here for an audition?"
How cool is this quote from Steve McQueen, taken from an interview with Black Book? I know that Steve is very straight laced and serious, and Michael is silly, but sweet and cool, and let's just put it out there, a beautifully confident smart ass. I've read comments from Michael, and I've seen him in Youtube clips - and there are times when his smart assy personality shines through and he does come across as cocky, but I absolutely fucking love it!!! I noticed it back in 2008. But his charisma, his genuine care, being humble, kindness, silliness, intelligence, and confidence has a pride that is detectable. Michael is an actor of huge talent, and he knows it. We've known it all the long, and now everyone else knows it. I remember reading an article from 2007/2008 when Steve mentioned that upon his very first meeting with Michael, he seemed "arrogant"... that has now been downgraded to "cocky", but it's all interchangeable. And even recently, Michael was asked about his studies at the Drama School of London, and he said that he left before graduating because he learned enough from them. Fuck yeah, I love it. He just dropped out without fully completing it because they didn't challenge him anymore and he knew it, he just up and left. Plus he said the atmosphere was getting bitchy up in there. Perhaps people were threatened by his talent and he had a low tolerance for their nonsense.

Anyway, it's tough being an actor, especially as you are starting out. So one can't blame Michael at all for having a protective shield around him when he went to the audition with Steve back in the day. Being rejected can harden a person, especially when you know you're good.  Lucky for us fans, Michael and Steve bring out the best in each other and they will be working together in the future. And all of us here at FF  Michael just as he is!

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dshultz said...

I love his "cockiness" too! He does it so well, but at the same time, you know that he's just playing around, just to have fun. It makes sense, too. Considering the sort of intense, challenging roles he takes, he probably would want to goof off and screw around with people. I know I would.

Dionne said...

"I always told myself that I was good enough to be working. I knew what I was capable of doing, and I knew what was out there. And that [belief] was something I always had. . . . When you’re dealing with something where there’s so much rejection involved, you definitely need that to preserve yourself".

He has a strong confidence in himself, some may think it's cockiness. lol, I love FassQueen by the way.

Anonymous said...

Cocky is someone without confidence who has false bravado. AKA Matthew Morrison. What Fassy describes here is true belief in himself. People with real confidence don;t go to others to build them up, they look within, that is what Fassy always seems to be for me.

Simone said...

@Anon, I totally understand what you're saying. We all agree that Michael has the confidence, as he should, because he is a great artist.

He walks the talk.