Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year End Post

I posted at tumblr an explanation about the Photo of the Year, but tumblr failed big time in posting my comments that accommodated the photos, and I just noticed it. A nice FF reader, Irene, wrote to me to direct me to the original source of the photo. When I first saw this picture a few months ago, the author avoided sharing the original link, it seems people have a habit of doing that, so I did not have the context of why he was posing this way, and whom was bowing to him.

The man bowing to Michael is Spanish journalist, Javier Giner, and he's obviously a big Michael Fassbender fan. Here is a link to his blog which covered the San Sebastian Festival and this is a brief comment about the photo in question:

“ THURSDAY, 12.30 p.m.

I interview Michael Fassbender and I ask him to pose with me in a photo to publish it on Facebook. He, very kind and natural, helps me with everything I needed. The charisma of this guy is awesome, I can’t explain it with words. Here is the official photo, titled : ‘At Michael Fassbender feet’”

Javier laying down in line at San Sebastian
Wearing the same clothes, bowing at Fassbender's feet.
Javier posing normally next to his hero
The entire San Sebastian group with Michael
If you are following me on twitter @FassFass, you are aware that Michael is spending time with his family in Killarney and the new management of West End House (Michael's father still owns it) has posted pictures of Michael at the restaurant. It's always good to see him in a natural setting in candid photos. He needs this down time to rest and rejuvenate as January and February are going to be crazy for him in regards to all the awards ceremonies, and the big three: Golden Globes, BAFTA, and Oscar. I will have a chat room open for all three programs.

In the past few days since West End House has been tweeting, it prompted me to do some researching about Co. Kerry and Killarney. I have always wanted to visit Ireland since the mid-80s when I became a gigantic U2 fan. Then, I wanted to visit Northern Ireland, and I knew I would visit it one day in due time. Even Lucinda (my London bff) and I had discussed traveling to Ireland on one of my future visits to the UK as her job has her travelling to Dublin sometimes. However, she's pregnant now and won't be doing any adventures like that for a while. So the timing couldn't be more perfect when James O'Shea of WEH started tweeting about the restaurant, Michael's visit, and Killarney. {Edited 1/9/12} I look forward to planning a visit to Co. Kerry in early summer - and as I have some to realize, it's best that I keep additional plans private.

Here in Ann Arbor, we have Kerrytown, which is a nice touristy business section of the downtown area, and it is named after County Kerry in Southern Ireland because that is where the founders are from! I visit there a couple times a month. According to this article from, they explain the historical aspect of Kerrytown:
"There also are artifacts highlighting the history of Kerrytown, including a Celtic marker (because of the Kerrytown developers’ Irish roots) and an old carriage stone, a necessity for those getting out of a horse and buggy in the 1800s."

Picture of a plaque at a Kerrytown shop I took in October. Marie O'Leary Sullivan was born in Co. Kerry and moved to Ann Arbor back in the day!
So as you can see, it was inevitable that I would visit Co. Kerry one day. I will be staying in Killarney, but doing a lot of biking and hiking and photography, and  there is so much to see all about the surrounding area. It's really going to be such a lovely visit, I cannot wait! And yes, I look forward to a meal at West End House!

With this all said and done, I don't know if there will be another update this week as it's really quiet on the Fassbender front. So I will take this time to thank all the readers for making Fassinating Fassbender a part of your daily routine in coming here to read the latest on Michael Fassbender. It has been a great year because more people have come out of lurkdom and shared their opinions and provided valuable information. I have gotten to know some people very well via email exchanges, and I have been doubly blessed by actually meeting some really lovely ladies: MLM in LA, and Trang in London. I know by actually meeting these ladies, they are officially my friends.

Happy New Year everyone!


Veronica W said...

I'm going to be in Killarney in April! :-) Maybe we can give each other a heads up on things? I've already booked a few excursions around Killarney for my trip. Hooray for Fassinators traveling abroad to Ireland!

Simone said...

Good for you Veronica!

I just stopped at the library and checked out two Ireland tour books. One of them already had the Killarney pages dog-eared. Looks like a neighbor went to Ireland via Killarney as well.

I'll be happy to compare itinerary notes via email.

MLM said...

Thank you, Simone, for your hard-work and dedication to all things Michael. As Fassinators, we have been rewarded in spades over the years, but 2011 was a breakthrough in terms of mainstream and commercial notoriety and success for Michael.

I wish the best for Michael, you Simone, and fellow Fassinators, in the coming new year.


Simone said...

Thank you MLM! Yes, I work hard here, but I love every second of it because I know I'm doing a good thing for me, and for fellow fans like yourself! As you stated in your other comment in the previous thread, it gives me great pleasure to know that FF is a source you trust and enjoy! xoxo

Dionne said...

This has been a great year for FF, and Michael. Hopefully when I graduate I'll get to travel abroad as well. Ireland is at the top of my list! ;)

emmy said...

I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

Lisa said...

Here's to a wonderful and exciting 2012 for Michael and Fassinators everywhere! Happy New Year everyone!

F.FRANKLIN said...

Happy New Year Simoneand the Fassinators around the world!!!!